Angel Messenger

What happens on the other side? I can't tell you how many times a day I receive this question. I'm one of many angels. In order to tell you how I do my job, I have to tell you the stories of the many lost souls I see every day.


10. The Last


David is my last. And God grant me the strength because….I’m almost not ready to face him just yet. My sky is dark with bright stars and my clouds are gray and wispy. The planets are clear and the constellations nearby are prominent as the sky moves closer. He was certainly taking his time arriving but part of me didn’t mind it.

I stare at my wings in the mirror and remember what everyone else’s looked like this morning. Marilyn’s, Elvis’ and even the workers that took up place in Marilyn’s department. Everyone had a pair of wings but we all don’t always see our own or anyone’s because sometimes we still have room to grow. Some angels don’t get their wings till they resurrect again. Then others never receive them at all because they make the same mistakes when they live. Leaving them in a constant state of reincarnation till they complete their soul.

Down below some are aware of when we receive are wings. It is said that when an angel receives their wings, a bell sounds somewhere. Only those with a pure heart or an old soul will understand the significance of the moment.

As I walk to the double doors I watch David open the door. His face is blotchy and his eyes red as he descends the stairs.

“Welcome back, David.” I say and before I can say more, his arms wrap around me. I stand still for a moment and only when his sobs begin, do I return the gesture. His body shakes and my faith is tested as we stand there and hold each other close.

I feel his fingers tighten in the fabric of my tan summer dress from my last decade. My soul reaches out to him and I feel his connect to mine with such a ferocity, that I wonder if we were not meant to be connected from the start. My hand lays at the top of his back and slowly I slide it down to the base of it. His sobs die down as I do this, until they are no longer there and it’s just him breathing softly into my hair.

“Thank you.” He says against my head. I simply nod in response and slowly disconnect from him, releasing him from me. He exhales deeply and wipes his face with the inside of his shirt.

“I take it all is well.” I say knowingly. He grunts and nods in response looking to the floor but not really seeing it.

“David, how are you?” I ask, trying to see his face. He shields it from my gaze by turning around and looking at his surroundings.

Without a moment to question, everything changes and the clouds and sky take form into other things. Everything is white and a bed lies in the middle of the room. There’s a child lying under the covers and his smooth head is pale like the rest of him. Tubes are everywhere in his arms and nose leading to machines and bags. I watch David sit beside him on the bed and run his hand along the child’s arm.

“I felt at peace that day.” I hear him say behind me. I turn to look at David, who’s watching the scene play out in front of us.

“That was the day I knew we were going to send him home. That God would hold him dear like I used to and keep him safe like I was supposed to.” He says with a neutral tone of voice. 

“My brother was only five when we found the tumor in his brain. There was to be no surgery because it was worthless to. It was located in the dead center of it and it just kept growing. He was always in pain and never wanted to do anything. Only being awake during the night because the sun hurt too much.” David finishes with emotion thick in his voice.

“Yet somehow he still managed to keep a brave face through it all.” He says in a whisper.

“I could live a thousand lives and never have the strength he did in that time.” He replies, reaching for my hand.

I hold onto his hand and we watch the machines being turned off and the tubes being removed. But David remains beside the child and it’s only until the day turns to night, that David kisses the top of the child’s head and walks out. When I see the boy’s face I remember meeting him on a day like today. David would soon be reunited with his brother.

“Are you certain?” I ask, knowing another version of him. David looks down at me and nods, I watch the tear fall from his eye and reach up to wipe it away.

“I think you‘re wrong.” I say, feeling his grip on my hand tighten.

“If you think back to your assignment today, you‘ll know I‘m right.” I continue, taking a step toward him.

“Surely someone who would help a soul ready to commit a sin, and lead them back onto the right path even though their life will be hard, is brave. Ask yourself how many people you knew in your past life who would do what you just did.” I finish, looking into his green eyes. 

His Adam’s apple rises and falls as he swallows and I’m wrapped into another embrace. My soul aches for him and I hold him tighter. He whispers another thank you in my hair and I nod in response. We exhale together slowly before releasing one another. Together with hands held we walk to the other stairs and he lets go. 

When he reaches the top I prepare myself to say goodbye, but instead he turns around. With questions in his eyes he steps down one step and asks me,

“I just realized I don’t know who you are. What’s your name?” with a gentle smirk.

A smile enfolds on my face. An angel knows when to share our identity with another. If I’m right about what we are then now is not the time to tell.

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