Angel Messenger

What happens on the other side? I can't tell you how many times a day I receive this question. I'm one of many angels. In order to tell you how I do my job, I have to tell you the stories of the many lost souls I see every day.


6. The First


With my area clear once again I take a deep breath. I’m thankful for the knowledge angels are granted with when we pass over. When I was human the only language I spoke was English with a dash of French. Upon entry into his world I was given every language known to man and I can speak each fluently. Silently I send my appreciation to him again as I do every time I’m thankful.

My double doors open again only to be greeted with Erica. Once she sees me, I watch her fly down the steps and run over to engulf me in a hug. I return the gesture and listen to her giggle excitedly. With a smile I put some distance between us and watch her calm down. Her once saddened face from our last encounter is no longer visible and a new found confidence is emanating from her. She’s ready.

“Don‘t ask me how, but she fixed me.” She says with a smile. My smile widens in response as she continues,

“I mean, when I left I thought I was helping her, like you said. But now that I‘ve come back, I realized she helped me.” her voice steady and hopeful.

“She taught me how to be sure of myself and to let others in even if it means hurting them later. Because, without them it‘s like I‘ve already given up. I have so much faith for Kai and I now, I know that together we can get through my cancer and beat it.” She says with an exhale of breath. Even now while she’s telling me this her face glows with excitement and there’s color where there wasn’t before.

All to suddenly her smile falters and realization hits. She won’t be returning. Her glowing energy and happiness dims till it fizzes out completely. I watch her shoulders slump and her head hang as she says,

“But I‘m already dead….there isn‘t a way I can go back. There isn‘t a hope for us because…there isn‘t an us anymore.” her voice small and broken.

There isn’t sobs like when we first met. Instead she looks to the floor with the tears caught in her eyes. When she raises her head, they fall down both cheeks but her gaze is tight and her voice strong when she says,

“I‘ll help him from up here. He‘ll get by and continue on just as he always has when obstacles arise or situations change.” her tone unchanging. I give a small smile to her desire to remain composed for Kai below us.

She wipes her eyes and sniffles before exhaling and looking to me.

“Where do I start?” She asks. I wrap my arm around her shoulders while leading her back to my podium.

“Well, first we have a ton a paperwork to sort out. After the initial processing stage you have to meet the big man…” I begin, still droning on but her focus is no longer on me. I could be spouting the countless pokemon characters and she wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

“But none of that is of any use to you, now is it?” I ask. She stares at her feet unfazed by my question.

“Erica?” I question. Her gaze snaps up again and she gives a small smile in embarrassment.

“I‘m sorry. Lost in my head for a moment there. You said something about paperwork?” She questions. I chuckle softly in response from behind the podium.

“If you were crossing over? Yupp. That‘d be the first course of action.” I repeat. She stares at quizzically. 

“Isn‘t that what I‘m here for?” Her question lowers to a whisper by the end. 

I only stare with a gentle smile and the realization hits her like a tidal wave. Her hands cover the heart of her face and I walk around my podium to embrace her. I feel her hands ball into fists at the small of my back and shush her while she holds me close. My heart ached for her but I knew her life was just beginning.

“Erica, I can‘t send you back if you don‘t calm down and let go.” I say with a soft chuckle against the side of her head. She nods into my shoulder before exhaling once more and reluctantly letting go. We walk together toward the double doors I first walked her to. She walks up the steps and before opening them she turns to look at me with reddened eyes.

“What am I walking into?” She asks. I smile and say,

“You‘ll awake in your hospital bed. Erica? Don‘t be afraid. Let this experience guide you for future paths down the road.” her gaze tightens on me and with a sure witted nod, she’s gone.

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