One Hundred Roses

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


16. Chapter Sixteen

For this chapter, listen to the song Cats In The Cradle by Harry Chapin. This song is one of my favorite childhood songs. My dad, when I was a kid, he would always play this on his phone, in the car, everywhere we went. So now, it's my brother and my favorite oldie song. 

Jason's POV

"Jason, my boy!" Coach Dailey exclaimed. He pulled me in for a friendly hug, just like the rest of the times, I saw him off the field.

"Hi, Jason. It's nice to see you're doing good in college." Mrs. Dailey said. Although she said it nice, I think everyone knows she hates me and my family. Including Tom. Totally against that part.

"What're you doing here? Isn't there practice today?" Having company, especially coach, come up here on a Thursday morning is extremely rare.

"The other coaches are fine doing things back there. Besides, the boys and I wanted to see you in action with this college ball." He said, pointing to his two seven-year-old sons.

"I see the chain of boys were broken." A baby, about half the size of Tom, slept in the carriage behind Coach.

"Ah, yes. Payton is her name."

"After Payton Manning." Mrs. Dailey said, rolling her eyes. Mrs. Dailey loved her husband and she loved what he did. He had not only his boys, but he also had the football team, which became his family. Sometimes after practice, coach would take us all back to his house, where we would eat a nice dinner and then have dessert and play with the boys. Most of the team would go home, but I would go into the guest room.

"How the boy, Jason?" Coach asked, sitting on the fabric couch in the so-called living room.

"He's good. He's living with my cousin and her husband, you know because Talia and I aren't there. But she calls Talia every day and she gets to see the baby."

"Any words yet?"

"Not yet, but he's been blabbing and attempting to walk a little."

"And how about school? Did you chose a major?" Mrs. Dailey asked.

"I did. I chose criminal justice."

"But haven't you been in jail? How can you be in criminal justice if you have a record?"

"Joe." Coach warned his wife. I remember when I first heard coach call his wife Joe, I thought she was a man. But it wasn't until I moved in with them I found out her name was Johannah, but he calls her Joe. It was a shocker, to say the least.

"It's just a general question, Evan."

"My uncle had my name cleared from the system since all the times I was arrested, I was a minor, it was easier to get my name cleared. But all the tickets and times I did... other things, are still on my record."

She scoffed, "other things."

"Anyways, how is that girl of yours? That McKinley?"

"She's a Grey, coach, and she's doing fine. She actually took classes online for about two weeks after Jackson was injured. But I made her go back to school. But she loves NYU and she loves her field."

"What is her field, by the way." Mrs. Dailey asked.

"I wanna say business, but I think she may change it. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure."

"And she's your girlfriend?"


"You're what!" They both exclaimed. 

"My fiance." 

"When did that happen? Why didn't you send out an engagement announcement?"

"Because we're still only eighteen."

"And you have a kid."

"Again, we're eighteen. It's the same reason we didn't send out Tom's birth announcement. We're young."

"And idiots." 


"How are we idiots? Please, enlighten me."

"You're in for it now, Joe. I can't get you out of this."

"First of all, you had a kid at seventeen, which made you grow up fast. You can even live your life as a normal teenager because you have to worry about when his next appointment will be, your life insurance, health insurance, you have to be a stable father. And now, you have to worry about the girl of you apparent dreams and worry about what she may think of you. You can't be who you want to be because you're engaged and you have a baby to take care of and be a role model for."

"Well, that kid we had at seventeen was the best mistake of my life. Being a normal teenager, Mrs. Dailey, I have done my whole life of being one and I still am a normal teenager. As for worrying about his appointments, I get frequent calls from my cousin about when his appointments are, if I have to be there and where they are. I have enough money to send my cousin so she can buy everything she needs from formula to clothes to diapers. I pay her child support every month. My son is registered to live with her so he's in a great hands. 

"Talia, for you information, doesn't care who I've been and who I am. She allows me to live my life how I want it. She doesn't hold me back because she knows I know my limit. And frankly, I don't mind being a role model. It's great to know someone, my own blood, is going to look up to me and say, 'that's my dad.'" Coach just sat on the couch with a big smile on his face, while Mrs. Dailey had a sour expression.

"Glad to see you cleaned yourself up, Jason."

"Well, sir, you did tell me to be a good father and to always be there for my kid. Well, here's this father."

"Let's hope you don't end up like your father did. I thought he was such a good man. He always treated your mother with respect until he lost it all when he got fired. Let's hope you don't end up like that."

"Spencer had nothing going for him. Yeah, he had a wife and a son, but he had nothing else. I, however, have the support and love I need from my family and friends. I don't have a breaking point, nor will I ever. Fortunately, my mom taught me how to be a man, unlike Spencer's."


"I am very proud of you, Jason." Coach said, shaking my hand.

"For what? Telling off your wife? Mrs. Dailey, I'm sorry for snapping at you, by the way."

"Jason, don't ever apologize for that. I may ask questions and be a little... forward, but it's only because I care about you." I smiled at her as she tucked Evan, one of the twins into her side. Scott came next, hugging her hips.

Evan and Scott Dailey were the kids I grew up around. I was there for when they were born, apparently, since my mom was such good friends with Mrs. Dailey. I lived with them for a while, about until they turned four, which was when my mom got better.

"But, no, Jason. I'm proud of who you have become. Look at yourself. You're a father, a boyfriend, and a criminal justice major. I mean, come on, your family did something right with you."

"I have you to thank for that."

"Evan and I, honey, we let you live with us. We didn't raise you."

"No, but you fed me when I needed a meal, took me in when I had nowhere to go, fought for me, gave me hope. And, sir, you gave me the confidence to be a great dad." Mrs. Dailey smiled sympathetically before wiping her eyes carefully not to smear her makeup.

"Take care of that girlfriend of yours, Jason. Hold onto her. And be there for your son. Make sure he knows who his father is."

"I will, sir."

"And please, for the love of God, stop calling me sir and coach. I told you already, you call me Evan."

"You know me... anything really."

"Evan and Johannah."


Natalia's POV

"Do you have news for me, Ade?"

"I do, yeah. Good news." Adelaide replied. 


"Tommy tried walking today. He fell, but he tried."

"He did!?"

"So, we decided to go out and buy one of those things that help you to walk, so, you know, he could try and get some practice in."

"And how about talking?"

"Not yet, hon. But I can see it happening soon."

"He's ten months today, you know?" She nodded. 

"Jason's calling me, I'll call you back, yeah?"

"Alright, tell my baby cousin I said hey."

"Will do." I smiled before hanging up her Skype call before going to Jason's.

"Hey, baby."

"Hey, guess what?"

"Um, what?"

"Tommy tried walking today." I smiled brightly, but Jason's smile never occurred. "You're not happy."

"No, I am. It's just... we missed his first steps."

"Ade said he held onto the couch but fell."

"Still. It was his first time standing on his own. And we missed it."

"That's okay, Jay. We're his parents, we'll be there for him for his whole life. We got his whole life to look forward to. I mean, just think, you can teach him how to ride a bike, throw a football, how to change oil in his mother's car, how to shave, how to get a girl. Actually, leave that part up to me."

"It's just.. not the same."

"I know, babe. We made sacrifices. We knew this would happen." He nodded. "And besides, my little munchkin turns ten months today." I smiled as Ronnie walked into the dorm room with her parents. 

"Babe, Ronnie just came home with her family. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Alright, I love you."

"Love you too. And stop pouting about Tommy. He knows who you are." He smiled before hanging up the Skype call. 

I opened my phone up, scrolled through my pictures, then selected the picture Addison took of me and Jason when Tommy was first born. Jason's hand covering Tommy's head, and his other hand holding my own hand and a big smile on his face as he looked down to the small baby in my arms. My hair in a messy bun, my hospital gown just covering my chest, my bare shoulders covered slightly with a sheer coat of sweat and my big smile on my face as I stared at the baby. It was a true 'I just gave birth' picture. 

Grey_11: Can't believe my little munchkin is ten months today. Feels like just yesterday @Summers11 and I waited eight hours in the hospital room for you to come and when you did, everything just fell into place. We can't be there for you, baby, but mommy and daddy love you so much and will always love you. I love you, baby boy. @Adelaide_Clark_Spence @HardyHarHarHarrison

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