A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


62. epilogue 2

Epilogue: 10 years later

"64g, all units," I groaned and sat up in bed slowly. Talia covered her face with her hands and sighed.

"Go back to bed, I'll be home soon," I whispered as I turned on the lamp.

"You know I can't sleep when you go off in the middle of the night," Talia replied as I put my uniform on. I sighed and reached up to the safe on the top shelf of our closet and put the security code in.

"Just try, please? I know we haven't slept much since Rosie came and you need to be healthy for her,"

"You're coming back, right?"

"I will always come back. I have too much to live for. Kendall's here, I gotta go,"

"What if something happens?"

"We go through this every night, babe. This is my job, you know this. I'm coming back tonight and when you wake up in the morning I will be in bed with you, okay?" Being on the police force isn't as easy as people make it out to be. I have to wake up early in the morning, leave family events, I can't take off of work when the weekend is too much, I have to be on call for holidays and I can't drink on any holidays because if I have to go out, I have to be sober.

Three months ago, I had my first replacement at work so I could stay home with Talia during her last months of pregnancy. You hear a lot about mothers having home births and she definitely wanted one, since we didn't have one with Tommy because of how young we both were and because of the risks due to her weight.

Rose was basically a test for the lab during one of Talia's treatments for fertilization. Tests after tests and multiple medications and surgeries, we were finally able to have a baby again. No one had to have it for us, which was amazing. Because of how young we were before, we both didn't get to fully enjoy the months of her pregnancy because of school and because of everything going on in our lives at the time, we finally got to truly enjoy it and have a gender reveal party and a good baby shower and Talia finally got to have a home birth to a healthy baby girl, Rosalie Alexandra Summers, definitely daddy's princess.

"Suspect is a male in his mid thirties and has a possession of a weapon. He does have hostages inside, we don't know how many to be exact but we spoke to people who know him and they say he has been speaking of suicide and became crazy. He just lost his wife after she gave birth to their second child two months ago. He lost his two children after CPS made a visit and saw warrants for his arrest and meth in the house,"

"Jesus," I whispered. Kendall stood beside me getting himself ready for going into the bank meanwhile, I didn't get ready for anything. Hearing his story hit me hard especially because of everything Talia and I went through during the process of her getting pregnant. I don't know what I'd do if I lost Talia after child birth and being left to tend to our own kids all by myself.

"Stats say his five year old daughter is in there with him. The baby is no where to be found,"

"He kidnapped his kids?" I asked.

Captain nodded and looked over to Kendall and I, "my two best men, Summers and Lynch, I want you both suited up. Jason, you're main focus are those hostages and that little girl. Kendall, you focus on the suspect. Talk him down. Make him realize what he's doing is wrong. Once that happens, start bringing out the hostages. Just remember, he is armed and dangerous,"

Natalia's POV

"What do I have?! And it better be something good, I left my kids home alone for this," I exclaimed as I pulled my hair into a tight bun in the back of my head as I walked into the hospital.

"Two officers down, one has fatal injuries and the other just minor gun shot wound to the arm,"

"How would we assist them?" I asked.

"Take the fatal one first and assess him first before continuing on," I nodded and waited for the stretchers to come into the hospital.

"When the medics show up, I want all hands on deck. These are two of our own and they will be treated with the best care. No matter the treatment, you be kind and you be cooperated," I'm not a hard person; I'm not tough; not loud. But at work, I'm a boss to my interns. I have to be loud, be rough, tough, mean. It's the only way to be respected.


I turned around at the sound of voice and automatically took in the injuries, "Kendall? God, what happened?"

"Not me, not me. Jason. It's Jason," my heart stopped as he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside to where the ambulance was parked. "There was an armed robbery with hostages. A child was inside and he was told to get the child out. When he tried to, he was shot three times. They said it doesn't look good,"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and hopped onto the ambulance, "what do I have?"

"Male, thirty one years old, two hundred thirty seven pounds, gun shot wound to lower abdomen, shoulder and lower back. Minor concussion and unconscious,"

"How was the, um, patient when you got there?" I asked looking down to Jason.

"Dr. Summers, are you okay?"

"Yes, tell me,"

"He was completely unconscious when we showed up. His partner had a minor gun shot wound to his shoulder." I nodded and bit my nails as they wheeled my husband out.

"Alright, all of Dr. Summers interns, you're with me today and tomorrow. Dr. Summers will not be assisting anybody in this hospital today, you do not call her, talk to her as a doctor and you do not answer to her. Now, two of you come with me and the rest of you get ahold of our patient's emergency contact and take information from his wife,"

"Dr. Miles, we can't find anyone under emergency contact,"

"Well, don't just sit there, you have his wife next to you."

"Sally Clark and Jackson Phillips,"

"It says-"

"Alexandra Summers passed away. Call Sally Clark or Jackson Phillips and if you don't, I'll do it my damn self. Now is not the time to make me wait and hold off, Dr. Kelly," she nodded and took the phone numbers down from me to call.

Six hours. I've never realized just how long patient's families sit in a room for until now. In only six hours, I've gotten up to use the bathroom, get coffee, get Tommy food, go to the cafeteria to feed Rose and to check to see how Jason is doing.

Macey brought Tommy and Rose to the hospital after I called Jackson about five hours ago and he agreed to pick them up from the house.

"TeeTee, will Uncle Jay be okay?" Phoebe asked. Phoebe and Jason have this strong relationship, kind of like the one him and Macey had when she was younger.

"Phoebe, didn't I tell you not to ask that question? Come back over here and leave TeeTee alone," Jackson said.

Sally stood up from her chair across the room and made her way over to me, "how're you doing, honey?" She asked as she sat next to me.

"I don't know how you're so calm during this. My heart is literally tearing each hour that passes."

"I've been through this a lot, but he's going to be just fine." I sighed and nodded. "Why don't you sleep for a little and I'll watch the kids?"

"I can't," recently, it's been harder and harder to see Sally and the family because we live so far away. The last time Jason and I both saw Sally was the night Rose was born. Bria occasionally comes up with Edward and Adelaide comes up with Sapphire, Noah, and Harrison but that's it.

"Natalia," I stood up quickly as Kendall and Dr. Miles stood in front of everyone. Kendall stood next to Dr. Miles with his head down and hat off and his uniform shirt unzipped revealing only his white shirt.

"It's not good, Natalia," I felt a hand move around my waist as Jackson came to stand next to me. "The way he was positioned, luckily, the bullet just missed his spinal cord, but it did damage to the tailbone which obviously isn't as bad as it seems. However, the shoulder wound was the problem. To lay it down nicely, your husband needs rotator cuff surgery. However, he lost a lot of blood and is still unconscious. We lost him a couple times on the table, the longest time was seven minutes."

"If he's okay, then why does it not look good?" Jackson asked.

"If he doesn't wake up within the next day, we will have to put him in a medically induced coma until we feel necessary," I felt my legs give out as I collapsed on the floor with Jackson coming right down with me.

"That's enough," Jackson informed. He could be in a coma for days, months, hell, even years.


"Did you not hear me? I don't care who the hell you are, Doctor, cop, the god damn president, I said enough. Leave her alone,"

"I need to see him. I have to," Jackson nodded and stood me up right.

After trying to get Dr. Miles to allow us to see Jason, he finally gave in and walked us into ICU.

"You can go now," Jackson said as we walked into Jason's hospital room. In the past, problems erupted between Dr. Miles and I that almost ruined my relationship with not only Jackson but Jason as well. When I first started as an intern in this hospital, Dr. Miles took me under his wing and because of that, we became closer than anyone else and of course it caused problems when you're married and going out to have a drink with your boss after a late night shift. My marriage almost fell through after going out for a drink became regular thing. Jason could barely look at me and talk to me which of course was hard since I was going through my treatments.

"I'm not allowed to leave visitors alone in this wing without a nurse or doctor,"

"Luckily for you, there is a Doctor present. Now, leave us alone,"


"I swear to God, I will get you fired from this damn hospital if you don't leave us alone. Don't you know flirting and inappropriate actions towards your interns is against the rules of being a doctor?"

"You wouldn't dare,"

"Do you want to see me at my peak? Because I'm just about there and I'm not afraid to use what I learned in the army on you. Now, either you leave or I make you leave. Your choice,"

While Jackson and my boss were having their confrontation, I managed to block everything out and have my own time with Jason while he laid comfortably on the bed. "You have to wake up, Jase. You hear me? Wake. Up."

The door behind me closed and a hand touched my shoulder lightly before Jackson knelt beside me. He didn't say a word, he didn't even move. He just sat there for moral support. For me. "Rose needs her father and Tommy needs his dad to teach him how to play football. Macey needs you to walk her down the aisle one day and to take her to dances and dress shopping for prom. Help her move into her college dorm room. I need you here to help me get through life,"

"Phoebe needs her uncle and best friend to help her with her homework," Jackson said.

"Wake up, Jason. Just open your eyes. Move your fingers. That's all I ask,"

"Mom." Jackson turned around quickly and stood up, blocking me from Tommy.

"What's up, kid?" Jackson asked.

"Can I see my dad?"

"Yeah, baby. Come here," I said finally turning around. Tommy took my hand in his and knelt beside me.

He put his hand on Jason's chest and smiled as he felt it go up and down, "I love you, dad. I promise I watch mom and Rosie while you're in here, just like you told me to do. Be the man of the house." I wiped my tears and smiled as Tommy put his head on Jason's chest and wrapped his arms around his waist the best he could. I stood back in shock and relief as Jason's hand lifted up from the bed and moved onto Tommy's back.

"How is he?" Captain Frank asked.

"He's up and talking," I replied.

"I hope you know your husband is a hero. He saved a little girl from her father,"

"Frank, of course I love how happy Jason is and I love the fact that he's a hero to people. But I need my own children to have a father and I need to have my husband alive and in one piece. And if that means he quits his job, so be it,"

"Luckily for you, I'm putting him on permanent desk duty. He won't be able to shoot again after surgery. And I'm putting him on four months of medical leave and a nine to five shift starting the day he gets back from leave."

"Mom, dad's out of surgery." Tommy announced as he ran into the back. Frank nodded and dismissed our conversation.

"Oh, thank god," I said as I ran over to the hospital bed. Jason sat up with Tommy laying next to him and a smile on his face.

"Why are you crying?" Jason asked.

"I thought I was gonna lose you."

"Didn't I tell you I'll always come home? Come on, don't cry,"

"I love you so much." I whispered putting my forehead on his.

"I love you too, baby. I would never leave you without saying goodbye."

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