A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


21. Chapter Twenty-One

Natalia's POV

The best part about waking up in your own bed at your own house is definitely seeing your boyfriend pushed to the opposite side of the bed and your baby in the middle of both of you with his arms sprawled out, taking up the space in between.

"Did you push daddy away?" I asked, looking down to my baby boy. He smiled and kicked his legs and arms. "Time to get up, come on," I whispered, sitting up in the bed. I reached over and picked up Tommy with my one hand.

"Are we going to get our Christmas tree tonight, baby?" I asked, taking off Tommy's onesie. I've come to notice how much I've changed since Tommy was born. Not only have I gotten more mature, but I've become better with him in general. I've went from picking him up so carefully to picking him up with one hand.

I set Tommy down in his high chair at the kitchen table and listened as he babbled. He shook his head and slammed his hands down on his high chair. "I know, you wanna eat." I grabbed the baby food from the cabinet, opened the top up, grabbed the spoon and sat next to the high chair.

"Is that good, baby?" He nodded his head and continued to eat from the spoon.

"Hey, how long have you been up?" Jason asked, coming down the stairs.

"About an hour."

"You could've woken me up to help you."

"Didn't wanna wake you. You haven't been sleeping good, you said, so I wanted to let you sleep."

"Thank you," he smiled, putting a mug under the Kurieg.

"I wanted to talk to you about something. And it's... big."

"Yeah?" With his back turned to me, he grabbed the sugar in the cabinet and stirred his coffee.

"Jase, this is serious. I need your full attention."

"Alright, alright, give me a second."


"Alright! Jeez, what's so important? And please, don't say you're pregnant."

"Why is it whenever I say I have important news you always think it's a pregnancy scare?"

"Cause it usually is,"

I huffed, "when I went to see my dad the other day, I decided on what I wanted to do."


"I want to switch majors."

"To what, exactly? You've been dreaming of getting a business degree."

"I've come to realize college isn't for me, but maybe it's not college, maybe it's the major I'm doing. So, I'm gonna go with my second choice."

"Which is?"

"Social work."

"Social work, seriously?"

"Is that a problem?"

"No, of course not. You support me on what I do and I support you,"

"Then why are you so shocked?" Tommy banged his hands against his high chair, begging to get down from it.

"Because I didn't think you would want to do something like that." Jason replied, taking Tommy out from his high chair. He held onto him while walking to the counter to get his coffee, while Tommy's arms cradled Jason's chest. I could just see his fingernails pulling at his father's chest hairs from his low-cut shirt.

"I don't know what I want." I groaned, putting my head in my hands.

"Look, I just think you need to take a step back and see what your options are."

"I want to be a good mother to my child, that's what I want. I want to be able to have a good job with good money to support my family and be able to pay my own bills and not have your aunt pay for them."

"Trust me, baby, I want that too. I have the same dream as you right now. But you once told me, 'education comes first. You need an education to make it through life,' and that's what we both need."

"I don't know what I want besides being a mother,"

"Just sit back and look at what you have. I mean, do you want to stay home everyday with Tom and take classes online for bullshit and not go to school? Or do you want the full affect of partying, drinking, laughing and the distance?"

"I hate the distance but I love the full affect of school."

"Then you have your decision."

"But I also don't want to have my son growing up calling someone else his mother,"

"T, the full affect of going to school while having a kid. You go to school, have fun, come home to a baby who loves you and knows who you are and you get the thrill of getting to see him in months. You stay home, it takes the thrill away."

"I just don't want to turn into my mother. You know, your mother was great. She was always there, always smiling, never left, stayed strong. I want that. But I can't do that because I feel like I'm always leaving; just like my mom."

"You're nothing like your mom, though, Talia. Do you see yourself? Yes, your mom is successful and she's a busy woman, but you're there for your kid, babe." I groaned and walked to him. I put my arms around his waist and held him close to me, feeling the warmth radiating off his body.

"We'll look at the options, alright?" He asked, putting his chin on the top of my head. I nodded.

I watched as Jason took another step up the ladder, attempting to get the Christmas lights to stay on the house. Being our official first Christmas with Tommy and our first Christmas as adults, we wanted the full affect, especially with having a baby. The full affect meaning Christmas lights, decorations, stockings and a Christmas tree.

"Are you sure you got that, babe?" I asked, playing with Tommy's hands who sat in between my legs on the cold grass. His little winter hat covered his blonde hair and his marshmallow jacket covered his chubby arms. His sweatpants Sally bought him covered his chubby legs. He's a chubby baby, must take after his father.

"Yes, you stay there!" Jason is very keen on doing this himself, with wanting to be the man of the house and all. And especially because the symptoms of my medication cause a faint dizziness, which means I could possibly fall off the ladder and die. But hey, as the kids once called it, YOLO.

Tommy pushed my hands away and started crawling to the blowup dog in the corner of the yard. "Tommy, no." He turned back around to me, smiled widely and continued for the dog. "I swear, you are a pain in my ass," I stood up, dusted myself off and ran after the baby speeding for the corner of the yard.

"Jase, it's almost five, do you wanna go to dinner and get the tree?" I asked, walking back to the spot I previously sat in the yard.

"I'm almost done with this, if you wanna go get him ready, you could."

"And leave you out here? I don't think so." He climbed down the ladder, one step at a time, looked up and then down, and nodded.

"Look good?" He asked.

"Great. But, he needs to eat and so do I."

"I know, I know. Gotta take the pills."

"Yeah, which I've been slacking lately and if I go to the doctors tomorrow and I don't gain anything, my normal prescription is coming back and I don't want that."

"Well, get your butt inside, lets go." I smiled and walked into the house, but not before checking out my old house next door. Mom and Zac don't set up for Christmas anymore. They buy artificial trees with lights built in and all they have to do is decorate it. They, of course, still get presents under the tree and Macey gets hers from Santa.

Zac went through with the adoption of Macey, saying it'll be good for her to have a father figure in her life, but there's no doubt she doesn't look up to Jason instead of Zac or even my dad.

Macey has started first grade and thankfully, she loves it. At first, she didn't like it because apparently the school was dirty and too big, but once she got used to it, she ended up never wanting to leave. My mom occasionally calls me asking to help with Macey's homework since they switched the whole learning lessons around.

Jackson and Jason never made up after what happened during thanksgiving break, but I never expected them to. After everything that was said and the fight that was almost about to break, I knew it would take a long time for them to make up and come to their senses. Jackson and I, however, we talked about it. Once you say your best friend is your son's godfather, you have to talk to him again. It just so happens I talked to him before Jason did.

"He's looking more and more like you each day," I said, setting the car seat up in the truck.

"You think? I kinda see you in him."

"Yeah? Which part? His nose?"

"His face, babe. He has the more rounded face."

"He's chubby, like you were."

"For the last time, I wasn't a chubby baby!"

"Everyone is chubby when they were a baby. But babe, I've seen the baby pictures in your mom's closet, you were an extremely chubby baby."

"Since when have you been in my mom's room?"

"I've went in there almost everyday this week,"

"You have?"

"You're probably sleeping when I go in there."

"What did you find in her closet?" I closed the rear door and made my way to the house. We decided to go get the tree and then just come home, changing our plans. Tommy had to eat and I got hungry as did Jason so we just decided to eat at home. The tree is what we need and that's what we're getting.

"Jase, hold that one up," I said, pointing to the fat tree in front of me. Jason walked over and held the tree up.

"What do you think, baby?" I asked, looking down to Tommy in the carriage. He clapped his hands.

"Guess that's a yes. What about you, babe?"

"I like it. It should fit in the living room," Jason replied.

"Perfect! Look at that, second tree at the second shop and we finally found one."

"Thankfully." Jason said, carrying the tree over to the guy who tended everyone.

"Beautiful tree this one is," he said, lifting it up to the table.

"Can you cut it a little?" I asked.

"Sure, how much?"

"Um, not much. Just a little over and inch, maybe."

"You got it."

"So, what did you do today while I was napping with Tom?" Jason asked as I sipped my beer.

"I went through your mom's closet to find some old baby pictures to compare you and Tommy,"

"Did you find any?"

"That and then some."


"Well, I found a letter but I didn't want to open it without you being there."

"Show me it,"


"Why not? Let me have a look at it," he smiled. I handed him my beer.

"Alright," I walked into his mothers bedroom and grabbed the letter with the hospital's name written on the top, addressed to Jason himself. Opening his own letter that could be about his mother is something I didn't want to do, or else he would get angry at me for opening it without his consent and that's something I don't want to deal with.

"Let's see," he took the paper out of the envelope and read it out loud.

"Paternity test," he read slowly.

I lifted my head quickly. "What?"


"What? What is it?"

"Get me the phone,"

"Jason, what is it?"

"Talia, get me the damn phone!" I grabbed the house phone from the hook it stayed on and handed it to him. He slapped the baby down on the table and walked out of the room with the phone pressed to his ear.

I picked up the paper and just by reading the middle of the page caused my heart to stop beating. I could faintly hear Jason talking on the phone with someone but by the way he was talking, I could tell he was trying to keep it quiet.

DNA Match

Carly wasn't lying. Robert is Jason's child.

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