Rolf Luisa Scamander

*Fanfic contest entry* Before Tonks fell in love with Remus Lupin, she was in love with Luisa Scamander. A sort of preface to a pairing I will include in my latest project.


1. Tonks Meets Luisa // September 1984


    Tonks felt the whispers of those in the Great Hall who knew her mother had been in Slytherin and of her relation to the Black family. She hurried to the Hufflepuff table, focused on an empty spot and sat down, relieved she had not tripped in her hurry.

    After the last few students were sorted, Tonks turned to the girl sitting next to her to introduce herself. “Hello, my name’s Tonks.”

    “Hi, I’m Luisa Scamander.”

    “The name Scamander…Are you related to Newt Scamander?” 

    The girl didn’t at all resemble the illustration of Newt Scamander in their book; he had pale skin, light eyes (Tonks couldn’t remember the color) and a large nose. Luisa had smaller features, darker skin, brown eyes.

    “He’s my grandfather.”

    “That’s so cool!”

    “It is! He was in Hufflepuff, too, you know.”

    “He was? That’s so—er, I’ve already said that’s cool, haven’t I? I really mean it, though.”

    “It’s okay.” Her eyes now on Tonks’ hair, Luisa giggled. “Your hair’s gone purple.”

    “Oh no, has it?” Tonks glanced around to see if anyone had noticed.

    “What’re you worried for? I wish my hair could change color.”

    Reassured, Tonks smiled. “It’s not just my hair. I can change whatever I want, really. I’m a Metamorphmagus.”

    “You are? You can?”

    “I’ll show you sometime, because you seem nice, but I don’t want random people knowing, they’ll think I’m a freak.”

    Luisa furrowed her brow. “Why would they think that? It’s the most awesome thing I’ve heard of in my whole life!”

    Embarrassed at her candor, Tonks blushed. “Maybe they won’t. I dunno.”

    “If they think you’re weird, they might be jealous. Anyhow, I don’t think you are.” She grinned and looked pointedly at Tonks’ hair. “Purple is my favorite color.”

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