Rolf Luisa Scamander

*Fanfic contest entry* Before Tonks fell in love with Remus Lupin, she was in love with Luisa Scamander. A sort of preface to a pairing I will include in my latest project.


2. Gal Pals // October 1989

Luisa wrapped her arm around Tonks’ shoulders. “Study buddies?”

    “Sure, yeah.” A prickling sensation spread through Tonks from where Luisa’s arm rested. “This will be a first.”

    “A few years too late, maybe.” Luisa took her arm away, but walked close enough next to Tonks that they brushed next to each other. “Though, relative to now, schoolwork was easy. We didn’t have to try very hard.”

    “All you really need to do well in is Care of Magical Creatures. I have to do well in everything, since I have no idea what I want to do with my life.”

    Luisa met Tonks’ dismayed expression with a hopeful one. “If you don’t figure it out by graduation, you can work with me.”

    Tonks mulled this over, skepticism slowly eclipsed by enthusiasm. “Yeah. Yeah, I would love that. Thank you, Luisa. You always know what to say.”

    Luisa smiled, the kind of smile she reserved for Tonks. It spread slowly, her eye contact weighted with sincerity. “Of course.”

    That evening, the two studied late into the night. Tonks could feel herself nodding off, body relaxing into the couch they sat on, but could do little to prevent sleep from taking over…

    Tonks opened her eyes. She initially forgot where she was; the candles were blown out and the lasting image in her vision was—Bloody hell. Her senses returning, she felt Luisa’s hand on her back, felt her thighs under her head—she had fallen asleep on Luisa’s lap. It hit Tonks how inappropriate it was to be touching Luisa while having the sort of dream she’d just had.

    The last and only thing she could remember was that they had been in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom along with several other random classmates. Somehow, Tonks ended up snogging one of the boys, who was mostly faceless, and knew Luisa was watching, expressionless, just staring and staring, eyes growing larger and larger until her face grew, too, and her whole face filled the classroom and Tonks’ vision, forcing her awake.

    Her feeling of shame waned. She didn’t want to go back to sleep yet, at first out of fear of that staring, the instinctually wrong act of kissing that boy, whoever he was. Tonks pushed the negative emotion out by concentrating on Luisa’s warmth, and her heartbeat fell into a slower pace. Slowly, she was lulled back into her dreams…

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