There's Just Something About You That Could Make Even A Wilted Daisy Blossom Into A Rose. And Though You Speak Constellations, You Are A Black Hole My Darling; You Have Consumed Me.


2. Parties Aren't Always The Best Idea: 15 Years Old

   "Don't be a prude Irwin." One of the boys in her grade said softly as he tried to lift up her dress. She knew she shouldn't have gone to this party. She tried desperately to tug it down as a few of the boys started to surround her. She felt Jackson's slimy grip latch onto her wrist while Parker grabbed her waist and put his arm on the wall trapping her from her little chance of escape. She could smell the liquor on his lips and tried to back away but just ended up with her back against the wall. He put his mouth to hers. His lips were chapped and dry as he forced her head towards his. She bit his lip causing wet blood to ooze out of the cut. He backed away bleeding as she spit at him, soon his scowl turned into a grin.

   "Looks like we got ourselves a feisty one boys." Parker said as he took an empty beer from the side table, he raised it over his head and it came plummeting down towards Irwin. She ducked as he missed and hit the wall. Shattered glass came raining down on her. All of the boys started a roar of laughter but Parker looked displeased. 

   He pulled her up and put his lips to her ear, "You think you can make a fool out of me, in front of everyone." The scratchy stubble on his chin and his rough voice made Irwin itch to get away from him but his hand was locked tightly around her left wrist while Jackson had her right wrist.

   "I just want to go home." Irwin said as she tried to shrink down.

   "Don be so stupid, the fun's just begun." Parker said as Jackson and him dragged her up the stairs.

   Irwin kicked and screamed as they dragged her body up the steps into the main bedroom. Parker was right, how could she have been so stupid.

5 minutes later

    "Kiss my-" Irwin was cut off by the sound of a car honking nearby. She jumped out the window of the bedroom and landed onto the frosty ground. She held up her middle finger to the house and ran. Her short brunette hair flowed in the wind as her black hoodie concealed her in the night. She ran to 256th street and sprinted down three more blocks to her house. She climbed up onto the roof using a ladder she found in the garage earlier and slid into her cracked bedroom window like a ninja. She walked over to her light switch while zipping off her hoodie. She was about to turn the light on when she heard a noise. A shadow waltzed through her window, covered her mouth, and put their finger to their lips. Irwin grabbed the nearest object and was ready to throw it until the shadow spoke.

   "Irwin, it's me." The shadow said, she knew that voice anywhere. Dropping whatever weapon she had grabbed, she wrapped her old friend into a warm embrace.

  "Where the hell have you been?" She asked in a exasperated tone, but really she was glad to see him. He reached his arm around her to turn the light switch on.

  "Don't!" She said. But it was too late, his ocean eyes widened and his face grew a pale shade of white.

  "Where the hell have you been?" He asked angrily with worry written all over his face. He examined her bruised cheek that was turning purple, she had a cut bleeding from her eyebrow which she could feel trickling down her cheek.

  "Kyle, it's not a big deal. I handled it."

  "Didn't your mom tell you not to go to the party." Kyle said as he tried to find the band aid kit she kept in her room.

   "That's none of your business. Which means it's also not your business to tell her."

    "What about when she sees what your face looks like?" He asked opening the band aid kit and sticking a Hello Kitty band aid on her cut while cleaning up the blood on her cheek. He brought her face into his and kissed her forehead.

   "She never comes out of her room anyway anymore." She said as she looked off to the side at her bookshelf that was stacked with tales of heroes. Without her noticing a small tear slipped out, Kyle reached his hand up and wiped it away.

  "Hey, it's okay." Kyle said in a calming voice. With Kyle being a foot taller than her, he could tuck her head right where his heart was when he pulled her close.

  "I jumped out a window." Irwin said suddenly.

  "At the party?" Kyle asked.

  "Yeah." Irwin said in a quiet voice.

  "Is that why your all bruised up."

   "Yeah." She said even quieter this time. She couldn't tell him the truth. What Parker tried to do to her upstairs was something she felt was unspeakable. If they hadn't loosened their grip, she would still be trapped in that bedroom with Parker.

   She closed her eyes and walked over to her bed in an awkward side step with Kyle still holding her. She sunk into her mattress as the little spoon with Kyle's arm around her. For once in her life, she felt safe.

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