The Dancer

My name is Maria(India Westbrooks) I'm Seventeen and dancing is my passion I been dancing sense I could walk after my mom left me and my dad I wasn't the same little girl anymore my dad(Carlos Ponce) then put me in dance class it's how I speak and tell my story. I was five years old when she left my dad got engaged her name is Belle and she has a daughter name Nina(Selena Gomez) she's seventeen just like me. I'm not excited about my new life in Malibu it's a new city in a new state going to a new school with new people and new rules my whole life is going to change, but one thing I'm looking forward to is the dance team I always wanted to have my own dance studio but first I have to survive high school the mean girls, the hot boys, homework, exams


1. Moving to Malibu

Hi I'm Maria(India Westbrooks) in case you didn't know let's see I'm seventeen I'm a senior my favorite color is baby blue I'm feisty but sweet I hate bully's I hate liars I never been in love I'm also a virgin my mom left me when I was five and my dad and I are really close. My dad(Carlos ponce) met bella his fiancé a few years ago now today we are moving in with her and her daughter Nina(Selena Gomez) what else can I say about me oh yea I'm a dancer but that's it for now.

"Sweetheart it's time to go Bella and Nina are almost here" My dad yelled from  downstairs so here I am packing up m bag for the car ride that way 8 hours of driving won't be so boring so I packed headphones a book  of course my iPhone7 my I pod I have a lot my dad always felt guilty about my mom leaving so he spoiled me but it's not his fault she choose another family another life that's her problem not ours we're better off without her.

"Sweetheart their here" my dad yelled again from downstairs then as I was on my way downstairs Nina came in "Hey need any  help" Nina asked me. Now Nina is not your average seventeen girl she is more into guy things not saying us girls can't be into guy things but I'm more girly then she is I like going to the mall and getting my nails done but I'm also not afraid to get my hands dirty she's more into wrestling wearing t-shirts and sweatpants.

"No I'm okay but thanks" I said walking past her with my bag "listen Maria I know this is hard but I want you to know that I only want to be your friend and a good sister' Nina said smiling a little bit "I know I just...I'm not good with this kind of thing I always been kind of a loner" I said honestly "well now you have me, come on" Nina said sticking her hand out so I would take it and I did and we went downstairs together. 

"There you guys are come on the truck is waiting and eight hours of driving takes a while come on" Bella said walking out the door "hey Maria sweet heart I know your scared but I know Bella and Nina really want to be in our lives" my dad said rubbing  my back "I know daddy I'm just glad your happy" I said hugging him.

We was on the road for about 5 hours now instead of sleeping and listening to music I've been talking  to Nina she's actually pretty cool "Hey I have a idea why don't us girls go to the mall it's only 1:00 pm by the time we get to the mall it'll still be open" Bella said smiling looking back at me and Nina.

"Sure sounds fun Bella" I said smiling I could see my dad smiling in the view mirror looking at me "hey Maria wake up we're here in Malibu" Nina said shaking me to be honest I don't even remember going to sleep but here I am Maria welcome to Malibu your life just changed forever.

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