a writers starting (DISCONTINUED)

here is my mini diary i made quite a wile ago when i started writing my first real stories and fan fics. (i write real stories, not fanfic, in my writing book)


2. authors note...

hello people of movellas!!!!!!!! its me!!!!!!!!

so do you like my 6 almost 7 year old diary! so i know school starts on september 4th-6th but i wanted change it up a little. so i will have many more speeling mistakes and almost sound a bit like a baby because if i remember right i sounded like a baby in grade two. my speech, talkie self started really late. so.... why start on the first day of grade 2 you ask??????????? because my writing work started about at that time, well it really started in kindergarden when i first learned how to write/ read but mostly it started in grade 2! so here we go! back to my diary!



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