Blind sided

A simple story about a girl who'd never seen her true love~even when he'd been right in front of her.
She'd have to go to hell and back, before finally realizing who'd always been there for her. "It's been's always been him. I don't know how I could've ever missed it."


1. The day she dreamt

I was sitting in the library when he walked through the door.

Zack Malik, the one and only football captain

of Westfield High.

His muscular arms had stretched into a pastel coloured tight fit T-shirt, and his defined calves had flexed with every passing step. I felt star struck.

"Jamie," Peter said. "You're not listening to me!"

He snapped me back to reality. "No, I am." I sighed. "I promise."

Peter grinned. "Oh? Then what did I just say to you?"

I hesitated, searching deep into my subconscious for those golden words. "Ummm...something about trying out for the football team?" I flashed Peter one of my signature smiles-which I knew he'd been a sucker for.

A small grin stretched across his mouth. "You're lucky...THIS TIME!" He said. "But I was asking you if you would come and watch me try out for the team."

I opened my chemistry book, rolling my eyes. "You know very well I don't like football!" I mumbled, pretending to study.

He sighed and playfully snatched my pen out of my hand. "Suit yourself." He returned to his math book, scribbling away with my luck star pen. He had a deep frown cutting into his forehead. It had been the same frown that'd I known so well. We'd been best friends since kindergarden, and not just because out parents were friends, but simply because we couldn't live without each other.

My phone buzzed. It was Mandy. She'd been sitting beside a bookshelf only a feet feet away. "Look to your left. Isn't he just a real dreamboat?"

I smiled, and slowly peered out from behind my chemistry book. His sparkling white teeth had been like those from a toothpaste commercial. I'd been blinded by his smile on numerous occasions, and had to wear sunglasses whenever I'd wanted to stare at his teeth. What was he smiling at? I thought.

My mind came to a clear focus, and his deep blue eyes connected with mine. He was staring at ME.

Instantly I'd flinched, and dove behind the hard cover of my chemistry book. "So Peter, what do you think about the chemical binding of calcium carbonate?" I asked, rambling on in a cold sweat.

"I don't have chemistry Jamie." He grinned. His smug smile had left small dimples on either side of his mouth. I'd tried to picture him with a beard. I guess he'd be able to pull it off. His dark wavy hair and tanned skin had left the perfect canvas for facial hair.

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