me and my bestfriend

me and my best friend move to america and find out that the 2 people she has liked for ages are there. read to find out what happens...


5. Party time!



Waking up next to my one and only is amazing, i know i have only known him for 2 days but the past 2 days have been the best 2 days! Spending them with him and my best friend have been amazing! If my dad didn't book that taxi we would of never met them ( by them i mean Toby, Justin and Danny) I can't wait for tonight. It's Damon's party, it is a bit late but it was for his birthday. I have to plan an outfit and stuff like that, before i know it Chloe is walking through my door. She screamed good morning love birds! I just looked at her as if to say he is asleep, but she really didn't care and woke him up. He turned around and faced me! His smile reached his ears and he wouldn't stop smiling! I just look at him for ages and we just sat there, Chloe said what is everyone wearing for this party tonight. Toby said he was going to wear jeans and a shit type thing, in America non of the men really get dressed up for parties. No one really gets dressed up for parties over here, so i am probably going to be over dressed for once.


A couple of hours later, Toby left so he could go pick someone up from the airport. I told him not  to fall for anyone else like he did with me. He just looked at me, he said who could ever look as beautiful as you! I just kissed him, he is mine and no one else can have him. When he left me and Chloe decided to go out for a coffee, we went to starbucks ( which is only across the road) i think i was over dressed again just to go for a coffee: 

Oh well i am really not bothered. When we are in starbucks, me and Chloe have a chat about the past few days and good they have been. But then we go on to talking about the party tonight, we don't really know Damon. All we know is he is Justin and Toby's best friend, but to be very honest that's all we need to know for now. I ask Chloe what she is wearing, she also doesn't have a clue what she is wearing. This is going to be fun getting ready isn't it? I just sit in starbucks laugh and Chloe just looks at me and thinks i am so weird. 

After we finish our drinks we go back to the hotel rooms to start looking through our wardrobes! We go through Chloe's first, I didn't imagine Chloe having this many dresses! I thought she was more of a trackie kind of gal, anyway we finally find Chloe an outfit to wear to the party:

After we got her stuff ready, we went into my room and started throwing things around my room. My room was a mess but we still don't know what i could wear. So i finally choose something and Chloe agreed with me:

We both look at each other in amazement of how good we look.Now it was time for us to do our hair and make up, Chloe got her makeup bag out of her room and sat down and said do me first, i love it when you do my hair. So i did her makeup first, which took me about half an hour, then i moved on to her hair she looked even better than she did before:

She stood up and looked in the mirror, she nearly started crying.  Thank you so much she said and then said its your go now, to say the least i was scared but she knew i was. She was so gentle with me and i actually didn't want it to end but it had to, it took her half an hour to do my make up and a hour to do my hair the way a wanted. I looked to pretty to even be a human:

We only had about 1 hour left until everyone would come and get us, by everyone i mean Toby, Justin, Danny and danny's girlfriend who we have never met. I want to meet this girl so much, i want to know what she is like and i also wanna get to know her and get along. Danny hasn't been with us much but i want him to be so then it would feel like the whole crew together, we should also get to know Damon because he is Justin and Danny's best friend and i don't want him to feel left out. Anyway i tried ringing and texting Toby and he hasn't got back to me, i was getting worried. Thoughts started going through my head, what if he doesn't like me? What if he is just using me? Then my phone started buzzing and Toby was ringing me, all of my thoughts went away. He said he was downstairs at the bar with everyone. So i shouted Chloe and she walked into my room, i told her what Toby had just told me. She smiled and locked her bedroom door and came back through to mine, she told me she was ready to go. We walked out of my room and straight to the lift ( our heels where to big to be walking down flights of stairs!).


When we got down stairs they were all stood at the bar, Toby turned around and nudged Justin. Their mouths were fully open, all me and Chloe could do was laugh! we reached the bar and said hello to everyone, Danny told us that this is his girlfriend, Tracy. She was very pretty and my mouth nearly dropped, but instead i just said hello. Her hair, make up and her outfit was amazing: 

Her outfit was at another level:

When we got downstairs we have a drink and then left, the only car outside was a limo so i guessed we would be walking.  So i went off in the other direction, but Toby grabbed my arm and told me that we where going in the limo! My face lite up, i actually couldn't believe we where going in the limo...

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