The Journal of Carton Stryver

My name is Carton Stryver. And this is my journal.


1. Author's Note

"My name is Carton Stryver. And this is my journal."

- Movella Description


   Alright, so we're not even three full sentences into this book and I already have to tell you that I haven't quite been honest with you. My real name is not Carton Stryver. Carton Stryver is simply a pseudonym of mine-a made up character through which I'll tell my story. Both of these names are actually characters from the story A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I chose these names for my pseudonym because other than having a nice sound, both of these characters are seemingly one entity, yet somehow completely different. Carton is a person with no self-respect, a depressing past, and seemingly no way to progress in his life. Stryver however is almost the exact opposite-he has too much pride, he has been put at the front of the figurative line of life all his life, and there seems to be a promising future for him. It is this reason why both of these characters example a form of mutualism, where they both benefit from each other, where one could not perform as well without the other. I find this relationship similar to that of my own relationship with the public side of myself and then the true me. It is like that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Stryver is my Dr. Jekyll and Carton is my Mr. Hyde. Only through reading my story will you see what I mean...

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