Turn Back Time

One mistake can change everything, but yet, there is no way to erase the past...
Rated Y for dark/mature themes.


1. Turn Back Time

Who knew one mistake could cause everything to spiral out of control?


One error, a single mess-up that I could easily have avoided, one second of accidents… and a year of trouble.


I step onto the water. Solid ice forms underneath my feet as I place one foot in front of the other. Wild and free.


If only I could turn back time. Erase the one, fatal error that caused everything to go wrong. The one blunder that cost his freedom. The world is cruel.


Coldness seeps through my bones. Icy chills run down to my core of sorrow. Is this how he felt? How he experienced the darkness that engulfed him, stealing his life?


If only I lived up to everything he was… If only I could turn back time.


The waterfall’s mighty flow crashed against the walls of the gorge below.  I tread into open air to find fresh ice which prevents my fall into the ravine underneath. A drop where a single mistake could kill me. Just one.


It’s strange, isn’t it? How the world loves to steal everything you care about and destroys them simultaneously… No means to guess what is coming, to prevent fate. And no way to turn back time.


All it would take is one step, one stride to join him in peace.




I have no choice. I must stay, be here for my remaining friends… But do I even have friends? I don’t know.


“There’s a way to save him.”


I turn, seeing the blurry image of my father approaching me, hand outstretched. Cold trickles down my cheeks, but I’m barely aware. The figure vanishes. My heart sinks. My imagination?


If only there was a real way to turn back time…


It was only one second of error…


But, a single second caused a year of pain.

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