If only

Okay i'm terrible at these things so here goes nothing:
Silver Lestrange. That's her name, that's who she is, that's who she was, that's who she will be, forever. Or so she is told. But silver wants a different life, a life not of bullying, crime, teasing, and mistreatment. Living with the Malfoy's, being told she is a Lestrange, daughter of one of the most feared death eaters EVER, she is constantly told she has a high expectations to live up to. But when she goes to Hogwarts, she meets a special someone that shows her she doesn't have to be who her mother is. She changes, whether it's for the good, or the worst.


1. I HATE YOU!!!!

"I HATE YOU!" I screamed at my aunt and uncle.  "I HATE YOU ALL! NEVER EXPECT TO SEE ME AGAIN! I AM NEVER LEAVING MY ROOM EVER!" I was only 11 years old, yet i had had experience with the inhumane tortures of life. I sprinted up the steps and slammed the door closed behind me. i jumped onto my bed and buried my face in my pillow. My long, silver hair fell over my head as tears rolled down my face. They had done it again, they had hit me. Another bruise was bound to appear over the next days or so, but they wouldn't see it. They wouldn't see me either. I was running. I grabbed a backpack and filled it with the essentials; food, water, and a sweater. I was quite used to this by know, and i knew that was bad. I slung my bag over my shoulder and transformed into a bobcat. Oh ya, I could turn into a bobcat. I was an unregistered animagus, and no one knew except me. Not even aunt Narcissa and uncle Lucius, and especially not Draco. he and i were the same age, but he acted higher then me. 

In my bobcat form, i leapt silently from my window down into the garden and crept through it unnoticed. I trotted through the open gates, and sprinted away as fast as i could. I had done it, and now, they wouldn't see me for a whole year, because i was going to Hogwarts. 


** Okay my HP fan girls and boys, hoped you liked my first chapter! Don't worry it gets more interesting i promise! Okay, I'll update soon, i think/hope. Bye-ah!** 

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