If only

Okay i'm terrible at these things so here goes nothing:
Silver Lestrange. That's her name, that's who she is, that's who she was, that's who she will be, forever. Or so she is told. But silver wants a different life, a life not of bullying, crime, teasing, and mistreatment. Living with the Malfoy's, being told she is a Lestrange, daughter of one of the most feared death eaters EVER, she is constantly told she has a high expectations to live up to. But when she goes to Hogwarts, she meets a special someone that shows her she doesn't have to be who her mother is. She changes, whether it's for the good, or the worst.


3. I hate snakes.

I was circling the trunk of a tree, thinking of what to do, when I heard rustling in the leaves behind me.

"I said leave me alone!" I yelled, but what responded was not words, but a hiss. If there was anything in this world I hated, it was snakes. A long, green, scaly snake came slithering out. I froze.

"N-n-nice snakey. Nice S-snakey." I whimpered, but it still came closer. It's red tongue flashed out, as if testing to make sure I was a good meal. I still stood there, frozen, only my eyes moving. It began circling me, slowly, frightening. It's scaly body wrapped tightly around my ankles. I was dead.

"Help." I whimpered. Just then it's blood shot red eyes looked me in mine, and basically stood up. I whimpered. Just then I remembered something.

"Bobcat!" I cried. I transformed into a bobcat, baring my teeth. The snake didn't have hold of my ankles anymore, and I pounced. The snake thrashed its head, and jabbed my shoulder. I growled and stared it down. My shoulder was bleeding a lot, but if I ran, the snake would catch me. I was injured, and an easy target. I stood my ground and pounced again. I got a good hold of the snake's neck. I bit down, hard, and the snake dropped. It was dead. I turned back into a human and ripped of part of my shirt and wrapped it around my shoulder, but it was soon soaked with blood in a matter of seconds. I rolled my eyes and tried to choke back tears because of the pain.

"Oh you poor dear! Quickly come now." Said the women I saw from earlier. I jumped, but didn't object. My vision was hazy, and I was loosing blood fast. Turns out loss of blood can make someone faint, because that's exactly what happened. I woke up two days later to the soft smell of tea and sausages.

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