Sapphire's Journey

A seventeen year old girl goes on many adventurous trips. Including the dragons home Dragonsdale, dragon fire falls, and many other places. Yet danger may still lurk.....


5. Part 2

I saw a some shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye.  Three figures . Two looked like the shadow of some people,  and the other the shadow of a dragon. I was surprised yet a bit curious at who these shadows belonged too. So I turned my head, and there, miss shover, and a young man my age. Brown hair, hazel eyes, no freckles, and a hot look. He was so hot I tell you, I was blushing already . 

But when I saw shover, I sure hoped she wasn't his girlfriend. 

This is weird, I usually don't think about guys. And plus I don't know him! Although I've seen him before at school. I was already having  a crush on this dude!

The dragon  that I was looking at was the most beautiful creature I've ever saw. A crown of silver horns, misty eyes, blue scales and white underbelly. She was tall, muscular and amazing at flying because I studied her wing structure. 

As I was studying the dragon, a voice spoke up saying, "you must be interested in the dragon here Sapphire. " it was miss shover. 

I noticed the hot guy studying my eyes and face with interest and curiosity. Although, he must of saw me move my head a bit. I looked through the corner of my eye just enough to see him quickly look away. Hmm, wow. 

"Miss Sapphire, will you answer my question please?  Are you interested in dragons? Don't worry, I'm not angry at you." 

"Yes I am miss, uh, miss...."


"Tayloria? I really like that name. "


 "Yup, that's Dylan over there, my brother. He's shy and is in our grade. "

I feel a wave of relief and a small excitement. They're brother and sister, YES! Not boyfriend and girlfriend. I start my way over to try to talk to him. I hope I don't mess up or anything. 

"Um, h-hi Dylan." Dang it! You did mess up Sapphire, I said to myself. I hope doesn't think that I always stutter. I don't. (Most of the  time)

" um, hey. I uh..." 

He was about to say something when Tayloria came up to us. 

"Okay guys, I see it is awkward for you two. Ernest says it's time to go." 

I ask "who's Ernest?"

"I am  " says  the dragon.

"AWESOME! Wait, the dragon....talks? I know everything about them except for that. "

Dylan said Then maybe you don't know everything. " 

I said in a slightly annoyed voice "I just said that that I didn't kn-" I was caught in the middle of the sentence when Dylan said "Hey, I was just playing with ya." 

I don't know if it was reality or my imagination when I saw some humor and sparkle in eyes. He then winked and said "come on."

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