This is a story about a wolf named Rainwater. She goes through trials and a difficult life. She may find important info to stop all of the wars and other things.


2. My friend the Dragon

Rainwater POV

      Hello, my name is Rainwater, and I'm a grey/black wolf mix. I have a friend named Drallon.( Dral-on) Drallon is my dragon friend, and he has helped me with so many things! From helping with my work to helping find my identity, that I still don't know about. He somehow believes he knew me before two years ago.  I don't get it much. 


************ FLASHBACK FROM THREE YEARS AGO ************

     I was padding down the forest road heading back to my mother's den. I just came back from wolves/ dragons ' important responsibility school'. I learned about taking care of a pack and how to handle enemies' vengeance. It was quite difficult yet easy to understand since I was just a juvenile wolf. My father Rainstorm told me on that very day, " Just learning about how important being a leader would be, when it comes to time is a responsibility. " 

     Later that night we had to go hunt some food for our pack. It was a could, stormy, winters night. My mother Raincloud,  was caring for all the pups while the others went hunting. I was going to become the next huntress leader for the family. " To become the huntress you need to go and catch the biggest game, while leading the group, and come back with the food unharmed. If you don't, we'll kick you out of the hunters  group!" That didn't seem so hard, I can do anything! I went out to lead and caught a huge deer. I had the others leave and tell the pack I was coming. So they did in respect. 


    I had trouble bringing the game back. I was dragging, huffing, and I  became too tired to do so. I lied down a bit and began to drift off.  I heard a swift, swoosh. I looked up, and saw a huge lizard thing with my deer! 



To be continued!!! 





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