Autumn Breeze



1. The bakery

Orange, brown, yellow leaves on trees. Bark falling off their trunks. Soft breeze blowing her dark hair off her slightly exposed shoulder with a bakery aroma enlightening her senses. Faded grey, cracked stone pavement under her slim feet, and the yellowing grass fighting to stay alive.


Lillie is intrigued by the aroma that her nose began to smell as she walked to a bakery to buy herself some breakfast. Going along the outskirts, she keeps away from the main streets of the city, slowly making her way. Never has Lillie ever liked the city, but knew she must get used to the surroundings of that area. She wanders around the outskirts sidewalks to follow the delicious aroma in the large city surrounded by buildings of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Different types of shops, venders trying to sell whatever they can, and even poor stray dogs and cat brawling to stay alive in their own individual territories.


She stops in front of the newly built bakery and peeks inside, nobody is at the counter. She enters the bright, aroma filled shop with all sorts of posters plastered on the wall, and white counter on the the left wall with many displayed delicacies.


Slowly moving towards the front desk, she reads a sign saying ‘Please ring the bell for assistance,’ and she does so.


Out from the door behind the neatly cleaned and tidy countertop comes a brown haired boy about the same age as Lillie, seventeen, wearing  a blue tee-shirt, a tag telling his name -Blayke- sneakers and a pair of black jeans. He also had a faded pink-white towel on his shoulder.


“Welcome to Silvering Town Bakery… Take your time in choosing or ordering what you like, but make sure you enjoy it and pay…” Blayke said in a slow mid-low voice.


Lillie nods looking at his sky blue eyes and kneels under the counter where all the different baked-goods’ choices are. They differed from scones to muffins, muffins to cupcakes, cupcakes to cakes, just so many choices, but Lillie picks out a cupcake and a loaf of bread for her family at home.


She pays and travels back home, once again on the outskirts of the city knowing her ways back home.

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