Autumn Breeze


7. Tell me...

The next month or so, Blayke and Lillie hung out alot. Occasionally, Lillie would go out with Nicole to relax. People in their school began to think Lillie and Blayke were dating, and although that was not official, It was like they were.


Another day, A Saturday, Blayke actually asked Lillie out. He said, “Lillie? Do you want to go to a movie? Just us two?”


And Lillie replied with a smile, “Sure!”


They went to the cinema and walked back to Lillie’s house after it, holding hands and chatting.


It was Late in the night, about 11 pm and the two of them decided to chat at Lillie's house about the movie. "Yeah, It was very good, even if the cinema was in the city,"


Blayke looked at Lillie and she noticed his eyes were yellow, she said nothing because Blayke said, "I've been meaning to ask you... why do you not like the city? I've lived in the city boundaries all my life and hadn't found much to hate,"


"It's just that," Lillie sighed, "She died there and we don't know how, who, or why," Lillie explained trying not to look at Blayke's eyes, now baby blue.


"Oh," Blayke said "My turn, though," Lillie continued, "I've been meaning to ask, your eyes,"


"Ah, you like them," Blayke joked his eyes turning lime green. Lillie laughed faintly and looked at her lap, "Well, I'll start with that I have pretty much learned to control them changing, and... I can let them change with my emotion or if I can trust the special person with me," 


Lillie looked up at Blayke's eyes, a baby pink currently, her stomach was fluttering in her chest, and before she knew it she and Blayke were leaning in closer...


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