Autumn Breeze


5. Nice House

Lillie opens the door, but Blayke grabs the door for her and holds it open.


“Ladies first,” Blayke says in a funny way and face.


Lillie giggles slightly and walks in. Blayke follows. Lillie brings Blayke to the kitchen. Brooke is in there finishing up dinner and she turns around.


“Oh, Hey! Lillie…” Brooke says looking from Lillie to Blayke constantly. “Who’s… Uh, This!”


“This is…” Lillie starts but Blayke finishes “Blayke Phisher”


“Nice to meet you, are you going to stay for dinner?”


“Sure, I’d love to,” said Blayke


“Okay... (looking at Brooke annoyingly) well we’ll be upstairs then,” said Lillie grabbing two water bottles and beckoning for Blayke to follow her upstairs to her room.


Blayke follows Lillie up the stairs looking all around. He made a mental note that read “four rooms, two bathrooms-upstairs,”


Honestly Lillie hadn’t cared much about any room in her new house except her room, her brothers’ rooms, a bathroom, the living room, kitchen, and the dining room. There are other couple of rooms that her dad only goes into.


Lillie and Blayke enter Lillie’s room.


“Um,” “Um,”


“Okay,” Lillie starts. “Well this is my room, and I live with three brothers and my dad, you already met his girlfriend. Uh… Your desserts at your bakery are very good.”


“Thank you, but technically, my mom makes them.”


“Oh. So how long have you lived in Silvering Town, Blayke,” Lillie asked sitting on her bay window, Blayke sat next to her.


“About 5 years,” he said holding 5 fingers, purposely, up like a child. Lillie giggles and says, “My family, my brothers and my dad, moved into this when my mum died, but we've live pretty near here,”


They sat in silence for a while until Scott, her little brother, came bounding into the bedroom. “Lillie! Dad said you need to do the dishes!” He said with his eyes closed, opening them when he finished his sentence. “Who’s that?” Scott asked indignantly


“I’m Blayke,” Blayke replied slightly offended.


“Anyways… You need to do the dishes Lillie.” Scott said once again only in a mock voice, leaving the room.

“Fine, sorry, do you want to wait here or…” Lillie began. “Sure.” Blayke answered.

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