Save ME

My step-sister wants me to save her from being unknown at school can I take the challenge. But when I complete the challenge April and her step sister are going to have a lot of problems


12. Chapter 12

-Ariana's PROV-
"ok Ariana just hang in there. school day is almost over and then your step sister is gonna give you a make over and then everyone's gonna wanna be nice to you....because.... Who doesn't want to be friends with a popular person" I was thinking to my self while I was sitting in one of the bathroom stalls 

" Ariana get ready to get your ass beat" faith yelled still looking for me 

"Where is that fucking piece of trash"Christian said 

I covered mouth trying not to breath hard and I had both my feet on the toilet. Faith and Christian always do this to me before we'd get to lunch they would beat me up I don't know why but it was something that just always happens 

"FAITH I FOUND HER" Christian yelled and then the stall door swam open 

"Aww Ariana you should have known that you couldn't hide from us we're just way to smart" they both giggled and then faith slapped me across the face 

"STOP!!!" I yelled but they kept going until I was on the ground with a busted lip and a bloody nose and then they just walked out

I stood up an look in the mirror I wiped the blood off my face and cried for a bit then went in the cafeteria were I saw April waiting for me and then I started smiling. I don't know but April was sunshine to my day I'm just so glad she's my sister it's like she's really pretty and then she's also really nice and that's just a perfect combination

"Hey Ariana where have you been i have been sitting in the cafeteria for like 10 mins now" she laughed 

"Sorry I was... Looking at myself in the bathroom" I said with a fake smile

"Oh well....the days almost over are you excited about your make over?" 

"YES!!! I have been waiting all day" I said jumping

"Are you hungry cause I'm starving" she said rubbing her stomach 

"Nah but you can eat if you want" she looked at me weird

"What?" I said 

"What happened to your lip" she examined my lip

I knew if Ariana found out faith and Christian  were messing with me she would beat their butts and I didn't want that to happen

"I hit it a the desk" I was a horrible lier 

"Umm.....ok" she went to get her lunch then came back

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