Untold Tales

Nostalgia wrapping me like a warm blanket..

Inspired from Owl City's lyrics, and my irrepressible memories.


1. Other Tricks

Sitting cross-legged on the bed

listening to the guy's unusual taste for 

We Are Never Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)


Doling cards, sipping make believe liquor 

slurping the more teen-friendly Maggi noodles and

crunching the chips, we commenced Play

and bent over as avidly as a computer addict


Mid-game, he hit Pause

with a question speeding like a bullet

"Do you like...anyone"


More accusatory than questioning 

words hit home better than his

ball passes in Physical Ed; needless to say,

It was a home run, a game changer


"I pity you and Thomas, being teased"

Class chairs together

We were sat on a lot but


"I didn't really mind, I had a crush on him"

uttered as breezily as the

gust entering the window

Gasps. Gapes. Clutches chair. Shock.


"Well! Poor Thomas, enduring all matchmaking and

no idea you liked him."

An imperceptible nod, followed by confirmation I longed to hear


"Oh, he knows. He liked me too"

Stagger. Feigns a faint. Collapses on floor.

Pulling him up is tugging a sack of potatoes.


The lecture begins; now I knew why

he always bugged me, he was like

My mum,

BGR, infatuation and relationship tirade


"We're not in a relationship!" My protest is feeble

My voice constituting wisps and puffs objecting his imagination

"You better not," my new relationship counsellor glares at me.



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