My Dream Journal

Here, I'll post my most wackiest dreams that I've had!


1. Mr Krabs and the Oat Bars



I put the last few things into my backpack, and took off to school. That day, at lunchtime, our class were about to depart on a tramp for 1 night. We need to pack our own food, tent, clothes and sleeping bag. 

At the class before lunch time, I had a moment of realisation. I didn't pack in any oat bar snacks or bottles of water! Those are necessities, otherwise I would be hungry and thirsty. I frantically thought of what I could do, then Mr Krabs shows up. 

"Mr Krabs! I left my oat bars and water bottle at home, and we are going on a tramp very soon!" I told Krabs.

"Oh no! Here, why don't I give you some money (such irony with Mr Krabs) and you can whiz down to the dairy now and go get the things you need," Krabs replied.

"Thank you thank you!" I said, then ran to the back of the school to go to the dairy. (It was a shortcut to the dairy down the road).

As I approached the back of the school, I saw many teachers and year 13 students gathered around watching a dance performance. One of the teachers, was the one I dreaded, the horrible one! I could never possibly get past her to go to the dairy in school time! So I ran back to Mr Krabs, in the class room.

"Mr Krabs! There are students and teachers there and I can't possibly go through them!" I shouted.

"Hmm, no need to fret. Why don't I head down to the dairy and grab what you need!" Replied Mr Krabs.

"That would be great! Thanks Krabs!" I said, very happily.

After a while, Mr Krabs came back with what I needed.



Thoughts after the dream: I don't know why I went to all that rush and got Mr Krabs to buy things, when I could have called my Mum to bring it to school before we leave? Well, dreams are weird anyways!

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