Drummer Boy

This is a story about Ashton. Your just an ordinary girl who goes to a normal high school until you meet a group of idiotic boys that are named Michael Luke Calum and Ashton. Your a sweet but stubborn girl, who is really popular but nice. Ashton is really nice to you and you may or may not be in your own band. IVE SAID TOO MUCH! BYEAAAA!


1. Introduction

Hello my name is Mallory. I'm a sweet person who's very energetic and I'm always ready for adventure!My hair is black, with a blonde streak, my eye's are hazel and my nose and cheeks are COVERED in freckles. I go to Meadow Brook High School and i have some really great friends! There's Vallory and shes my twin... some how. She doesn't look that much like me. The only similarity is we both have hazel eyes. Her hair is dyed blue, and shes tall. Shes like 5'7 . Im not short but im also not tall. Im 5'4. My other friend is Kylie. Shes VERY small but can tear you apart. Shes 4'9 like I said, shes very short. She has red hair and brown  eyes. Then there's Ryan. Shes more of the quite, easygoing person that keeps up out of too much trouble, but isn't uptight. She has brown hair and blue eyes. We've known each other since we were two, because our families we're often on business trips, or just at work so we were always at daycare. But I've known Vallory since I was born. At school, the "popular kids" (aka the jerks that think everyone likes them but they actually hate them) are, Sydney and her minions Nicole and Angelina (and of course her little posse)  . The guys are, Dominic (the star quarterback), Jackson, and Rick. My friends and I are nice to them when we see them, only because we don't wanna be bullied until we beg our parents to move, (its happened before) because we like it here in Sydney. The guys at our school that basically scream "Stay away from us"  are, Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton. They often get in fights alone, but all four of them attack the person who thought it was a one-on-one type of fight. Their honestly just jerks, and my little group of friends try to stay as far away from them as we possibly can. Our attempts to stay away from them always worked out, until one day, I was made there target. I was grabbing my books from my locker, when someone grabbed them from me. I looked up to see Michael. Out of the four he was the worst. "Hey, mind if I borrow these?" he asked me. "Um... I need those for my next class..." I said quietly. "What?" he said, "You need to speak up a bit, cause nobody can understand a mumbler." I looked him in the eyes. "No, I need these for my next class, sorry though." I said, and with that I grabbed my books and left. I was worried that I provoked Michael, the guys aren't afraid to hurt a girl. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around my shoulder. I looked over and saw Ashton, he was the "nicest" one out of all of them. "Hi!" he said. "Hello..." I said calmly (I hope) "So... I need these books!" he said, taking them from my hands. He's tall, so he held them out of my reach. "Hey! I need those!" I said. "Well, my and my friends need to copy your notes!" he said to me. I tried to take my books again, but failed. "Boi, those are mine, get your own!" I said. "Ugh, why don't you just sit next to us in class..." he said. "Um... I guess." I said. We started walking to our second period. Well... this will be interesting.



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