Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


4. Parties and Mistakes - Chapter 3

        *Zoe's Pov* 

        How the hell does Jason think? Honestly after I dropped him off at home, I needed to get my bag for school, so I went to get it and there's more the 150 people there. I walked in, walking past drunks and their "boyfriends".  

        "Jason!" I screamed, and everyone stopped. 

        "What the hell! You can get me sent to a foster home! And I will never ever forgive you for this!" I grabbed my bag and ran to my car. I got in and drove as quick as I could, of course without getting a ticket. I can't believe that he would throw a party, he can get me sent to a foster home. I pulled up in Devon's driveway and walked inside.  

        "Ugh, I can't believe I have stupid, dumb, trouble maker for a brother. I will never forgive him." I said to myself thinking no one was around.

        "What did he do this time?" Devon asked.

        "He's having a party. More than 150 are there and that house is the only thing I have that reminds me of my mom and dad, and which means I can be sent to a foster home."

        "Hun, for now your staying here. He needs to stop with the booze, parties and the drunkies. I will ask my mom if you can stay here for a while, until you can find a place of your own. Then me and you can move to the house. We will get through this together. Meanwhile, we have school in the morning so let's just sleep. I love you. forever and always." 

        "Alright, thank you Devon. I love you too, forever and always."

        I went to sleep with no worries, I didn't have a nightmare this time. I've been having them ever since my parents died. But this one, it was a good dream, a better one. My mom and dad were waking me, it was my birthday that day and I was finally turning seventeen. My mom, dad, Jason, and Devon were singing to me. The most important people that I love and care for were there with me. That is the happiest moment of my life. Speaking of my birthday, itstomorrow, and I just don't want to celebrate it, but knowing Devon, she will do whatever it takes to make me happy.

        "So, Zo, are you ready to be seventeen? I mean, now you will have to go to college with me and everything, so I would be happy too."

        "Devon, I am happy, and then I won't have to deal with his dumb remarks anymore." 

        "Oh stop!! Stop talking about him! He could have got you sent away to another family!" Devon whisper-yelled. 

        "I'm sorry, I just thought that he would stop after the conversati-" 

        "I said to stop! Go get ready and I will meet you downstairs." 

        I go to the bathroom and put on my cute outfit of the day. 

        I put on my makeup and head downstairs where I see Devon, talking to her mom.

        "Morning! I hope you have a wonderful day mom, Im ready to go Devon." (real friends call each other's parents mom) 

        "Hunny, you don't have to go. Devon and I were just talking about it, and maybe it will be best for you to stay home today." Devon's mom sounded worried. 

        "It's ok, as long as I have you guys, im going to be fine at school." I smiled.

       They both looked worried but noded their heads and Devon and I walked to our cars.
        *Devon's Pov*

       "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked looking at the school.        

        "Im sure, Devon, I have to face it at sometime in my life. Like you told me, I have you guys." 
        "Just call me if you need anything. Even if it means we get our phones taken away and detentions okay?" 

        "I'll be fine, but yes I will call if anything happens. I love you Devon!" 
        "I love you too! Be safe and don't let those losers get to you."

          *Zoe's Pov* 

        We walked in, all eyes on me. I walk to my locker, which is next to Jason's and he looks different. A bad different. 

        "Jason?" I called out to him. He didn't answer. So I called his name again.

        "What do you want, bitch?" I look at him hurt.
         "How could you call me that? Im your sister!" I yelled at him and slapped him across the face, grabbed my things and went to first hour.

        I can't believe he called me a bitch, like what the hell happened to him. He was raised better than that. He was always sweet and nice to girls, but now, now he's just like all the other boys.

        "Wow, I mean, I can't believe that Zoe's own brother would call his sister a bitch, I think he has finally seen her the way we all do." Emily snickers. 

        "And well I can't believe that no one see's how big of a prostitute you are." I yelled at her. "And you know what Emily, all of you bs can go somewhere else. I can't stand seeing people who are inocent get eaten by the school's biggest slut." I laughed in her face.         

        As soon as I said that, Mr. Johnson, no not Emily's dad, walked in. 

        "Good morning class. Good morning Zoe, I hope everything is going better for you and your brother, and Im sorry for your losses." I could tell that he really meant that and cared.

        "Yeah, are you sure that she didn't give her mom and dad an STD and killed them both?!" Emily yelled. And I heard people laughing. 
        "Principal's office now!" He yelled. 

        "Fine, but that bitch right there." She pointed at me. "Can go to hell."

        I stood up, smacked her across the face, grabbed my phone and called Devon. She answered. I told her, and she was here in less than a second.

        "Oh and one more thing, Emily. Look behind you." And thats when Devon smacked her as hard as she could.

        Mr. Johnson stood there, with a smile on his face. 

        "Zoe, I am glad you stood up for yourself I am, but now you have to go to the office too." 

        "Why, you heard what she said. And I recorded it all on my phone." I started to get tears in my eyes.

        "Use it against her. Fight for what's right Zoe! Go and be the person you were born to be!" He yelled. I knew that he was telling me the truth.

        We walked to the office, walked into Mrs. Walker's office and told her what happened, then afterwards I showed her the recording. 

       "Zoe, I know you lost your parents and that she was doing the most of all the wrong, but I have to give you ISS for three days. Devon, you have ISS for three days as well and as for Mrs. Johnson, lets just say she won't be here for a while, and she won't be bothering you. Zoe, Devon, I hope you have a better day, ISS starts tomorrow. Take the rest of the day off girls, Zoe you need it and Devon, you need to be there to help her."

        "Thank you, Mrs. Walker." We both said at the same time like twins.

        It took us ten minutes to get all kinds of ice cream from Wal-Mart, then we headed home, and put on netflix while eating our ice cream and we fell asleep with ice cream in our arms.

        And thats the best mistake we have ever made.

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