Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


3. His Mistakes - Chapter 2

*Zoe's Pov* 

        It's been two days and Jason hasn't come home. I have no idea where he has gone and now I can't tell him about mom and dad. He won't answer my phone calls, he won't even come home.  I miss him. Jake can't even get him to answer his phone. 

        I've been in my room, at my computer, seeing posts about how my parents died. About how everyone is sorry for me and for Jason. "He's gone when he is supposed to be there with Zoe." One comment said. "Thats one of the worst times for someone to leave!" Another said. I got fed up and wrote "Oh stop! He doesn't know! He left before it was showed on the news! Leave him alone he is the best!!" I started crying. It was true, he left me and didn't say goodbye. I didn't even get to tell my mom and dad goodbye and that I loved them!

        Seconds after I posted that, I heard a knock on the door, so I walked downstairs. "Who is it?" I asked. 

        "Who do you think it is?" "Where's the spare key?" After that I knew it was Jason. I open the door real fast and I hug him, and didn't want to let him go. He looked sad too. "When did you find out?" I asked. "I found out the day the news came on. Jake didn't know I was behind him when he turned it off, I asked him to watch you while I had time to collect myself to be strong in front of you. Zoe I seen those comments. Im sorry I ever left!" He had tears in his eyes and you can see that he was telling the truth. "You had the right too! You wanted to be strong for me!" I yelled and ran off. 

        He had the right. He wanted to be strong for me. For his little sister. In a couple of days we'll be going back to school, with no parents. People who think that we are going to throw parties because we have no adults to watch us. But they are surely wrong. Jason is my older brother, but he will not have parties, and Jake. I thought Jake and I were best friends, but he didn't tell me what Jason told him. 

        I went down stairs to grab me a snack and seen we needed food. I remembered that my mom had emergency money hidden in her room, so I went up there grabbed the money, wrote Jason a note, and left to get food.

I started my car, and before I went to the store, I went to Devon's house so she could help me get food.

        *Devon's Pov* 

        "He did what now?!" I told her my whole story in the car about what Jason had done. 

        "Yep." I said pushing the cart into the frozen food aisle. 

        "I know he did it for you and for a good cause, but he should have told you where he went." Shaking her head in disapproval. 

        "I know, let's just get this food and go home." I said speeding up, so that I would make it home on time. 

        "Alright, let's go."

        We walked for thirty minutes getting everything that we needed and then we went to check out and when we did it cost almost about 138 dollars. I had plenty, but the rest of the money would need to be saved. On our way out I seen Jake. I walked passed him. He said hey, and that's when I turned around, walked up to him and punched him in the jaw. Then I walked off. 

        Serves him right. He should have told me. He knew that I was worried and he just sat there, holding me like I would never find out. I hate him right now. I wish he told me. Better yet he should be apologizing to me for it too. I have never lied to him. Never. And this is how I'm re-paid? 

        I never liked to think that Jake was the one to do that to me. I thought that he was better than this. He has always been there for me. But I guess he can be a complete d-bag. 

        "Jason!" I yelled walking into the house.  

        "Jason! I'm home!" I walk into the living room and scream.

        "Jason! Don't worry im calling an ambulance right now!" I screamed at him crying. 
        I felt his head and he was completely cold. I was in the middle of checking for a pulse when Jake walked in. 

        "What happened!?" He yelled. 

        "I-i don't know I just got home!" I cried more. 

        "You called for an ambulance right? Because if you did just take a seat on the couch."

         I did as I was told and I sat down. He came up to me and gave me a big hug and apologized for what he did. I heard a knock, but he answered it while I stayed with Jason. 

        "Are you his girlfriend? Because if you aren't you can't ride in here with us." Said the mean EMS guy. 

        "I'm his sister, now you are going to let me in because I live with him and he is my brother!" I yelled at him and he just put me with Jason. 

        *Skip the long ambulance ride*

        "He just had an anxiety attack and didn't have anything or anyone to help him. It's a good think you found him, because if you didn't, he could have died." 

        "Im glad I found him too."

        I walked into his room. 

        "What happened to you? And don't lie to me, I know that doctor did, now tell me." 

        "I overdosed. I miss mom and dad so much. You have no clue. You're one of my best friends but you remind me of them."

        "Jason. I could have went to Devon's for a couple of days for you. All you had to do was ask. You should be out later today. I'll be back later to pick you up. I love you Jason. Bye." 

        I drove to my house, grabbed a suitcase, and packed a weeks worth of clothes.

        I walked up to Devon's house and knocked. She looked at me.

        "Come in. We will talk in my room." Devon knows a lot about me, she knows when I need to talk. 
      *Not Edited*  
        *Devon's Pov* 

        "You can't let anyone at school know, they're his mistakes and they will tease you and your brother. Keep it to yourself. It will be better that way, Zoe." 
        "I know but all of those people will be on me asking about my mom and dad. I don't want the to ask me about them." Zoe got sad fast, this is the worst that I have ever seen her. 

        I keep my mouth shut, grabbed ice cream and gave Zoe a bucket. 

        "You'll be fine tomorrow, go get your brother, and then come back here. I already texted Jake to tell him to stay with Jason." 

        Zoe got up and opened the door.

        "And Zoe, you have my parents too."

        She smiled and left to get her brother.

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