Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


12. Date Night - Chapter 11

Zoe's Pov

Ha he thinks I dont know what it means to dress fancy. I mean look at me I look hot. 

"Jason Hill!!" 

"Yeah?" He knocked on the door.

"Come in and help me!" I yelled at him. "Zip it up for me please?" 

"Sure sure." He said zipping up the dress. Its an ombre color, red and black. "You look beautiful Z. I know for a fact that Caleb wont hurt you, unless, well I will have him tell you that." 

"Alright." I gave him an unsure look. 

"I love you Jason, forever and always." 

"Forever and always Z, forever and always." He looked sad. 

I started to apply my makeup. Starting with the foundation and concealer first. Then I went onto my eyes, making the eye shadow match the dress, then I started to highlight and contour my face and then had a winged eyeliner, and then I topped it off with a dark red lipstick. I also had red heels on too. 

I started to walk down the stairs, Caleb waiting for me at the bottom.

"Dang I said fancy, not sexy." He smiled

"I dont look sexy, I look hot. I have never liked the word sexy." I looked at him serious. 

"You look amazing babe. Dont even think about grabbing your purse, i'm paying." 

I smiled when I seen his car, not knowing that we were rich off of the gang and stealing from other gangs. I wish I was gonna get this rich I mean his car was hot. 

"When I said fancy, I meant fancy. Now watch, all the other woman in this restaurant aren't gonna look as hot as you do."  I blushed at that comment. 

We walked in and when he said fancy he meant fancy. There was all kinds of ladies in here and they all looked beautiful but here I am feeling over dressed. When I walked by everyone they all smiled at me. Like I was going to be their toy, but im not. I swung my hips even more, looking back at Caleb and he was licking his lip and biting it. I found him very attractive when he did that. 

"You can stop biting your lip now, before you bit it off Caleb." I laughed 

"So can you babygirl." 

"Um I am not biting my lip hun." 

"Yes you were, you were doing it while I was. I found it very attractive." 

I giggled, we both think the same. 

"Good thinking maybe we both should just stop, before we both bit our lips off." 

"Good idea!" 

The waiter came by and asked us what we wanted to order and I ordered a salad and Caleb ordered a steak.  He offered me a bit of his steak but I didn't want any of it. I really wasn't feeling like eating. So I asked him if I could use the ladies room and he said of course. 

*Phone Convo*

"I can't do that."

"I just cant Devon! I like him." 

"Ugh goodbye."

I walked back out to the table and started to eat my salad. Once I finished I told him that I was full and didnt want any desert and he was alright with that. He paid and we went back home. 

"I had a fun time Zoe. I hope we can do it again soon." He smiled his famous crooked smile. And I just had to bit my lip. 

He started to lean down and he kissed me. 

"I love you Zoe, never forget that." 

"I love you too Caleb. So you can't ever forget that either." 

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