Breaking Point (ON HOLD)

Zoe's breaking, her boyfriend is changing, she doesnt know what to do. Read to find out the rest ;) COPY RIGHTS RESERVED


1. Character Review

Zoe Hill: She has an older brother, Jason, who is overprotective with her. Zoe is 16 turning 17 in one month. She has long brown hair and her best friend is Devon Brooks. They've been friends since they were born. 

Devon Brooks: She is also 16 but is turning 17 two days after Zoe. Devon has a crush on Jason HIll, Zoe's brother who is 18. 

Jason Hill: Jason is Zoe's older brother, he is 18 and in a gang. He has nothing better to do than protect his baby sister and hang with his best friends. He loves his family to death.  His sister means the world to him.

Emily Johnson: The usual popular, mean girl that everyone besides Zoe and Devon, likes. She's rich and her mother and father baby her. She is the only child, but to be honest, she's good in the heart.

Caleb McCann: is 17 and best friends with Zoe's older brother, but did I mention? He has loved Zoe since the day that him and Jason had become friends.

Jake Jones: typical mean boy, he's 17 and is in love with that special lady. He is a really romantic guy but doesn't know if he's ready for a girlfriend.

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