1. > HELLO <




Somewhere out there is a person of interest. Someone who doesn’t mind my stupidity sometimes. She’s out there waiting to be found, and I’m not taking any chances on losing her. I’ve been through several situations where someone wants to meet me right away. All fake, none of them real. It’s a real shame to see some of those looking for friends, a relationship fall into the trap of bots.

They are lured in with some kind messages, and right away a URL that will take them to a website. These websites usually contain mature content. Even found my sister on there once, not sure how that happened. But turns out she’s offering her body to those who want it. Never knew this, she sure kept quiet about it. From further spectating I found another site that actually created for my sister.

See, you can’t go wrong with online dating. Who knows what you will find? I’ll tell you what I found within a few months: Bots, people trying to get younger people to follow them. And some murderers straight up telling me that they want to kill me. I’ve found weird websites; all containing images that should not be seen by anyone. All of this is disgusting, but you can see how devoted they are to making themselves look good.

Hello, my name’s Jase. I’m just a guy who’s tall enough to reach that shelf you can’t quite reach by yourself. Looking me up online would be a waste of time. You’d only find many more assholes who have stolen my name. Okay, fine, I’m being too pushy… but it’s true. They are using my name, making my name a disgrace. It’s all full of bad people, and these names don’t go unknown.

Thick hair, curly? Yeah. That’s me, I’ve got the tattoos to share my story with you all. I’ve got some scars to prove that I’ve suffered once before. It’s all there, the cuts, the bruises, all because I’m too kind to people. Way too kind, I’ll even let the opposite sex push me around, throw me across the room. If it means finding someone who likes me for who I am, I will do anything to keep that going.

My friends blame the drugs I take, but I blame myself. It’s got to be me who’s responsible for this. The drugs don’t force me to do anything like this. I’m just a guy who wants to find someone out there. I’m nineteen years old, searching on the internet for a love interest because it never worked out for me. And I know there’s many out there who are easy to manipulate. But I’m not some asshole who wants to do that. Or, at least I think I’m not an asshole who wants to do that.

Once you’ve taken several pills, a few dosages of whatever it is that I’m taking; you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed. Okay? I’m feeling more than relaxed by just sitting here, typing up message after message to a girl- another girl- and another freaking girl. All my messages vary from one to the other. Some are just copy & pasted because I can’t find myself typing up a message to one of them.

So, I skipped a few girls, searched for more. Found myself one that likes to take drugs often. Enjoys a day on the beach, and loves to hang out with others. So, match made in heaven, right? Think again… I just had to take the dive. I just had to make myself fall in love with this woman who was going to hurt my feelings from the very beginning. Yet, somehow I’m still here. I’m still with this person, writing up a message to another girl because I want out!

Could you do me a favour? Save me.

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