Bloom Wilder has been very lucky to get backstage passes to Kyle Casters and his bands concert in Miami, Florida. What she doesn't know is that she already met him by accident. One of the most unexpected ways she met him was at school. She needed a ride, and he happened to be passing by. No one knew who he was, or who his band mates Dylan Samuels, Leo Brooks, and Sean Bell were. Bloom didn't even know who they were, and wasn't involved in the gossip of celebrities her siblings Chloe and Michelle payed attention to. Once Bloom's best friend Valeria finds out she has passes to the concert, she begs Bloom to take her to it. What'll happen? You'll have to read to find out...


2. Where were you?


As expected, my sisters were clueless about leaving me at school. "That's what we were missing!" Chloe says. 

"About time you noticed..." Michelle buts in.

Chloe and Michelle are my dear sisters who happen to be fraternal twins and in the grade above me. I'm a junior while they're seniors, but I'm thankful they won't be around the house anymore to bug me. "Oh. You just happened to forget me and go home? Well, unlike you guys, I spent my Friday afternoon with four guys!" I practically scream as I take my bags and the backstage passes upstairs. 

I made sure to grab all the necessary things I need for the night, like a towel, some snacks, and chargers for my cellular devices. Since I got the boys' numbers at dinner, I decide to call them. "Hey guys, what's up? It's Bloom, the girl you guys drove home and took to dinner?" 

"Bloom! How could I forget such a beautiful face." I roll my eyes. "It's Kyle by the way." I sigh. I really want to hang out with them even though I don't really know them that well. 

"I got that." I respond. I hope he's free this weekend. I also hope Sean, Leo, and Dylan are too. "So, are you and the others free this weekend?" I hope he'll say yes. I really want Valeria to meet them.

Who is this person, you're wondering? Well, Valeria Silvers has been my go to person since birth, and ever since I received these backstage passes, I didn't have the heart or mind to tell her I got six of them! Five for my friends, one for me. When Vale and I met back when we were in preschool, I didn't think the girl with the crazy personality would become my best friend for life. 

I know what you're thinking. What? Vale Silver? Who the heck? Even with her crazy personality, I can't help but think what would happen if she wasn't my friend. I do have other friends, in case you're wondering. Lola Martez and Ella Winters have always stuck by my side through thick and thin. My sisters are part of the 'Pops', what my friends and I like to call the popular kids.

"Just let me know what you're doing, and if you're free." I close my phone and climb into bed. I can't wait to tell my friends about the guys I met.   

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