Bloom Wilder has been very lucky to get backstage passes to Kyle Casters and his bands concert in Miami, Florida. What she doesn't know is that she already met him by accident. One of the most unexpected ways she met him was at school. She needed a ride, and he happened to be passing by. No one knew who he was, or who his band mates Dylan Samuels, Leo Brooks, and Sean Bell were. Bloom didn't even know who they were, and wasn't involved in the gossip of celebrities her siblings Chloe and Michelle payed attention to. Once Bloom's best friend Valeria finds out she has passes to the concert, she begs Bloom to take her to it. What'll happen? You'll have to read to find out...


4. Bloom?


I persuaded the guys into going to Bloom's school to see her and have lunch with her. Since I'm not in any school right now, I'm lucky to go around the world surprising fans with my hotness. Why am I saying this? Leo, Sean, Dylan, and I are in a band called 'Starlight,' one of the most famous boy bands since Kristals. A guy named Kris was the lead singer, but the band later broke up. Sorry guys, I'm getting of track.

"Bloom!" I say, smiling at her. Most girls would normally faint at the sight of me smiling at them, but this disguise is preventing me from getting any hot chicks. "How are you? Are these your friends?" Bloom nods and raises her eyebrows, waiting for me to say something. "What're your names?" I direct the question towards them. 

"I'm Lola." Says a girl with purple hair. 

"I'm Ella." Says a pretty girl with pink hair at the top and blonde hair at the bottom.

"I'm Valeria. Who're you?" Says a girl with blonde hair. Do I tell her my real name? Bloom didn't mind. 

"Kyle. It's nice to meet you." I smile and can tell that she's a little bit surprised.

"Sorry... Kyle. It's just... you look like this guy, also named Kyle. His full name is Kyle Casters. He's from a band called 'Starlight.' Do you know him, or?" I shake my head. I can't admit to being Kyle Casters. For now, Bloom seems like the only person to understand me and the guys. 

"I should go. Bloom, can you show us around here?" She motions us to follow her, and I'm a little bit glad I'm wearing a hat and sunglasses. Even though Valeria almost recognized me, I'm glad she didn't. "Bloom?" She turns to me, her brown eyes getting wide. "I'm happy you went in the car with us when you needed a ride." 

She smiles at me. "Me too. Um, I think I'm going to go to the concert for that band." 

"Starlight?" She shrugs. "Do you like them a lot, or?" 

"I guess they're okay. Lola, Ella, and Vale are kind of obsessed. So are my sisters." 

"So I guess you're taking five other people with you, including yourself?" She nods.

"I did give you six backstage passes, so I guess that works. I'll see you soon Bloom." I kiss her on the forehead, and go back to the car. I can't wait for Bloom to see me perform at the concert. 

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