Bloom Wilder has been very lucky to get backstage passes to Kyle Casters and his bands concert in Miami, Florida. What she doesn't know is that she already met him by accident. One of the most unexpected ways she met him was at school. She needed a ride, and he happened to be passing by. No one knew who he was, or who his band mates Dylan Samuels, Leo Brooks, and Sean Bell were. Bloom didn't even know who they were, and wasn't involved in the gossip of celebrities her siblings Chloe and Michelle payed attention to. Once Bloom's best friend Valeria finds out she has passes to the concert, she begs Bloom to take her to it. What'll happen? You'll have to read to find out...


3. An unforgettable Monday


As soon as I get to school, many students are on their phones and gasping. From what I have no clue. Vale, Lola, and Ella rush up to me, and I shrug to Vale in response. I already know what she's going to say. "What's going on?" Lola asks. "What are they doing? Is there a sale at Nordstrom I didn't know about?" 

Okay, let me explain the awfully weird personalities of my friends. Lola is obsessed about shopping, or a shopaholic, in other words. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, basically anything. She also loves fashion. We call her Lolanista because fashion is her everything... well, besides shopping. Technically, she's a fashionista as well. Ella is the artist of the group. When she's older, she's going to make millions. That's how good her artwork is. I swear it's amazing. She can make anything using a piece of paper, pencils, and pastels. Her favorite things to use in her works are pastels. She also uses pencils, blenders, paint, paint with watercolor, charcoal, and so much more, I can't even name them all!

Vale's a different story. She has this extreme passion for writing stories, whether it be about horror, mystery, fantasy, or action. She loves it all. She also loves capturing the beauty of nature in her camera, and putting her photos online for the world to see. Since I'm a little nature freak, I show Vale the best spots in town where she can take her photos. I have to say we're a pretty great team.

Me, you ask? As you can see, I love nature, I'm a dancer, and I love to sing. No one's ever heard me actually do it, but I think I'm decent enough to perform places. The only problem is that my sisters pretty much criticize me for everything I do, when some of it is their fault! They really do annoy me sometimes.

I hope to eventually get a record deal with one of the major companies that signs artists. Prescott Studios is definitely where I want to go. I've dreamed about getting a record deal with them since I was just five years old. If you can't tell how committed I am to wanting to be signed by them, then just... bye!

Prescott Studios actually signed 'Starlight,' and that just makes me cringe on the inside. Apparently, everyone thinks they're gods, but I don't think so. 

I'm cut out of my thoughts by Ella putting her hand in my face. "You zoned out." I pat her back, saying thanks, because I'm to lazy and tired to say anything right now. "Guys, what's going on? Who are those guys?" I don't know who she's talking about, but then see Kyle, Sean, Leo, and Dylan. 

"Those are my friends. Come on! I'll introduce you guys to them!"   

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