Only Human

Fighting for her life,
Muggle child Amy Taylor-Jones, fights more powerful, more ferocious then any wizard, but forgets one thing.
... She's only human


1. Prologue

There was only darkness for the muggles, and it was all his fault, he had endangered the lives of over 200,090 humans. 20% were adults, 80% were kids. One of these kids was a teenager, about sixteen years old, her name was Amy Taylor-Jones, she was a computer whizz, and knew nothing about saving lives, especially her own.

She had black hair that was usually tied up, dark coloured eyes, and was scared of the outside world.

She had no siblings, just her mum as her dad abandoned her at the age of eleven, worst part was, she understood what was happening. Her family, and neighbourhood was hidden in a secret location for their safety, but it wasn't safe enough. That night the lights blacked out, the electricity went out, and the Windows were blocked. They were safe, till the flickers woke them up to a hostage, looking for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

One by one, hostages were taken, all adults, no-one knew where to find them, so they started killing. First was an old woman, no family, friends just a young, black cat sitting on her knee. Then 'bam' she lay there on the floor, blood seeping out her eyes like tears.

Amy's eyes started running, water dripping down her face, the cat came to towards the body, rubbing its head against her face, crying profusely, watching the body lay motionless. It was heart-touching, until the next hostage was taken, Emily Taylor, Amy's mother. Nobody dared to moved, the wand struck, landing a blow against Emily's head. As the body hit the floor, a tear fell, the last tear.

"Moooooom" Amy screamed.

Seeing the body of her only parent wasn't easy, tears fell, tears flooded, as Amy desperately ran towards her motionless mother, screaming as the death eaters threw Amy to the floor, stopping her from going to the bodies.

"Filthy, stinking muggles" One death eater spat.

They appearated away, taking the bodies with them. Amy ran outside, she ran, and ran, so far, she ran into a forest, there stood a small, white canvas tent. There were two people a ginger haired girl, and a brown haired boy with circular glasses. Amy fled behind a tree.

"Look, over there" The girl pointed out.

"What?" The boy said.

"There behind the tree"


"Come out, we see you"

Amy stepped out, blood on her shirt, tears stained face, bruised head.

"Who are you?" The boy asked


"What are you?"


"What, I don't understand"

Amy fainted, her heart thumbing, brain aching, head scarred, she fell into the darkness of the forest floor...

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