Benfits Of An Unlikely World

Some aspects may be triggering. If you are sensitive I suggest this is not for you. Otherwise, enjoy.


1. New chapter

We sat by a bank of the river, dangling our feet in the glistening water. He stared across to the opposite side with immense concentration, his eyes flicking from one object to another. I looked with admiration at his stone face, without emotion and feeling he was almost empty. He hid his pain so well; why couldn't I?

We had been sat for what felt like hours, in silence and sunshine, but was actually only minutes. Not one word had been spoken since we had arrived and we bathed in the thoughts which engulfed us like a cage. Although, he was partially out of the cage, possible only a toe out or maybe a foot, not very far yet further than me. I was neck deep in water, in a tank which refused to crack, refused to shatter, refused to let one exit once entered.

He was stronger; more powerful than I. He had the courage to fight, to own up, to defeat it whereas I was just lingering in the way, awaiting a possible rescuer which may never appear. "It's peaceful here," he broke the silence by a husky voice, still staring right ahead, "if you can escape," I said without hesitation, referring to the current events which hovered around us. Elliot turned to me looking fairly disappointed, "oh, don't ruin a perfect moment!" He scowled at me harshly his face screwing up, "you always do this, don't you? Just enjoy it!" He cried out in anger and frustration, his arms flailing wildly in the air. "I am enjoying it, I'm sorry," I whispered apologetically, bowing my head, "please, can we just cuddle?" He lifted his arm over my shoulder and we huddled in a loving embrace until dark.

I woke in the middle of the night, my chest heaving and my body instantly alert. My eyes widened as I thought about the trauma my dream had showered me with; he had his arm over me but held a knife beneath his shirt, stifling my back. He was killing me. Slowly but surely, he was inevitably killing me.

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