Frozen in time

"I just want to know you! Is that so bad?" He shouted at me
I suddenly turned hair whipping around me as I did and replied, "Yes it is" I said in a deadly calm voice "you know why?" I then leaned close and looked straight into his eyes "everyone has secrets Draco."


2. 2.

Mira's Pov.

As I trekked up to the place where Boreas lived in Montreal Canada yippee me I got a long time to consider things in life like, the fact that I have a crush on a certain son of Zeus or that I want to fall, go to sleep and never wake up... well on the happy note I entered into the icy cave of Boreas completely exhausted from the journey up I collapsed onto the floor of the cavern and glanced up seeing intricate designs on the ceiling hmm not a bad place I turn my attention to attempting to get up key word here attempting at the hundredth time a pair of strong sturdy and cold hands gripped my arms and helped me up I wobble on my feet and nearly fall again had not the same hands gripped me to help I glance up to thank whoever helped me and well being the hormonal seventeen year old girl I am found my self at a loss for words the man was devilishly handsome 
He had think wavy black hair that seemed like a pit that led all the way to Tartarus, his eyes seemed like blue ice that was seconds from cracking his skin was pale but not to the point he looked like a vampire I took a step back and couldn't help giving him a once-over I noticed the deep purple wings on his back and the sword at his side having found my voice in my stomach I spoke as calmly as possible "thank you...?" He smiled revealing shiny pearly whites and said "Zethes my name iz Zethes" he said in a thick French accent "Zethes thank you Zethes" he asked me "and may I have ze plezure of knowing the name of ze angel before me?" I'd be lying if I said my heart hadn't melted just a bit when he said that "Mira my name is Mira" he smiled "ah such an exotic name is there a meaning of the name that you know? Hmmm? I considered telling him "not that I know of, sorry" A cold feminine voice broke through the air "Zethes stop hitting on the Half-blood will you" the smile disappeared from his face "but Khione zee is so beautiful" I couldn't stop the heat rushing to my cheeks at this comment "yes, yes Zethes but do you even know why she's here?" His face fell a little "no I don't" he turned to me "why are you here Mira" I couldn't help but love the way my name sounded in his accent "I'm here to see Boreas." He smiled and turned to Khione "see no harm done" a sigh "Zethes please focus can't you see she is a warrior I couldn't help but wounder how he knew that I was in jeans covered in mud and a T-shirt that said what are you looking at fool? At this realization I crosed my arms behind my back praying to every god that there was that Zethes hadn't noticed anything his sharp eyes noticed the action and probably my apprehensive expression and asked sweetly "what's that you're hiding angel?" I was beyond tempted to run and never look back but I had a quest "nothing Zethes I'm a demigod I'm a little fidgety from time to time" seeming satisfied with my answer he turned to Khione "please sister just let her see Boreas it's not like she can try anything" the girl huffed "fine but I'm not going to be the one who takes her in Zethes" his name sounding like a curse word "fine by me. Come on Mira dear" I cursed myself silently as I found myself loving every word that came out of his mouth get a hold of yourself girl he is a god get that into your thick skull as I followed him through the cavern of ice into a ginormous throne room 

Zethes' Pov.
As I walked into the throne room Mira who, before seemed somewhat relaxed noticeably tensed and her stance became more of that of the warrior she was her hands were at the ready for what I couldn't see she didn't seem to have any weapons of any kind other than of course she probably knew hand-to-hand combat, I stayed at the doorway while she moved onward and knelt at the foot of the throne which housed Boreas, God of the North Wind, looking at Mira I noticed how stiff she was the position she took was not a welcome one everything about her indicated that she didn't enjoy or want to do this but, she did anyways, which in my opinion made her all the more beautiful. Boreas regarded Mira with a bored expression "state your name and business here" she stood looking him straight in the eye "Mira, Daughter of Poseidon, and I'm here regarding the war that is currently waging between the children of Poseidon and Zeus against the children of Hades" I really had no idea how that had anything to do with us unless... no that wasn't it, was it? my question was answered when Mira spoke "I'm sure that your wondering what that has to do with you, well Poseidon was hoping that you'd join the war on our side in order to turn the tide so that this war will end" Boreas looked completely uninterested, Mira looked hopeful, I knew what was coming and I waited for the look of utter and complete defeat and the blow was delivered "well as noble as your cause is I have to decline this is not my fight nor do I intend to make it mine" I expected a look of complete defeat and devastation but instead Mira looked angry no, furious "well no surprise there" her words cutting through the air like knives "no way will you risk putting a single hair on your head out of place while others go out and die, leaving their only friend without a shoulder to cry on or anything! No reason at all to end a war that could destroy the world no no don't stop doing nothing on my account or anybody else's or even the blood that soaks this world! No just no." Mira looked like she was ready to cry and looked like she just wanted to curl up into a ball of misery and die, to meet her fallen comrades. I found myself moving forward and speaking "Father she has a point we shouldn't turn our back on the world we should help them." Boreas regarded me coldly "Zethes remember your place. Remember that while you have been granted immortality I can take it all back" I silently nodded in understanding wanting to help Mira more but knew what would happen. Boreas turned his anger on Mira, who was looking at Boreas all respect forgotten or discarded and I watched unable to move as Khione and Cal walked in. Boreas spoke two fateful words that I had heard more than a thousand times 
"Freeze her"


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