Frozen in time

"I just want to know you! Is that so bad?" He shouted at me
I suddenly turned hair whipping around me as I did and replied, "Yes it is" I said in a deadly calm voice "you know why?" I then leaned close and looked straight into his eyes "everyone has secrets Draco."


1. 1.



The year was 1941 right smack dab in the middle of world war 2

Only on the godly side of things...

A girl; a demigod to be precise was decked out in full blown armor with a quiver of arrows on her back a necklace with charms on it there was a sword bow (a/n the weapon the the accessory) and several daggers she knelt down before her father, Poseidon, God of the seas she had long dark chocolate brown hair that fell down her back in gentle waves her eyes though they were closed were a piercing icy blue that tended to change with her moods Poseidon spoke "Mira the war has gotten worse" the girl; Mira rolled her eyes with a look that said obviously "Mira please this is no laughing matter you need to go to Boreas and convince him to help us." Mira stood and looked straight at her father and said calmly "I'll go but I don't see him joining us, just a fair warning." He sighed and said "yes I know but we need to try before we destroy ourselves in this civil war" Mira stood nodded stiffly and left.



Mira's Pov        

Well this is just great I get to go and talk to Boreas god of the north wind why I was chosen I have no idea I have no diplomatic skills whatsoever or any patience with people who piss me off and I'm not very good at giving people second chances. So basically I get to go see Mr. High and Mighty I'm God of the North Wind and you Demigod Scum are Beneath my Notice. Yeah this was going to go great.                                                        

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