It's been three years since Albus and Scorpius met on the train going to Hogwarts. Life was well, organised, and quite boring, to be honest. But new problems arise one after another: Love, a book, and anew enemy that will break relationships left and right. Will Scorpius and Albus manage to survive this year? It will al be revealed in "Shameless"!


2. Wingardium Leviosa

     Scorpius and Albus didn't talk to each other all morning. When Scorpius said hi in the halls, Albus just nodded slightly. The night came, and they still haven't had a decent conversation. All the other ones had been about schoolwork.
     "Do you want to come to the library with me?" Scorpius asked the next day in the halls. Albus stopped.
     "So what, you can rip out pages of books and watch as kids read in confusion?"
     "Wow, I just wanted to study for  the Divination test," Scorpius said. Albus looked away. "Listen, I'm really sorry! I just wanted to spend more time with you!" Albus turned around.
     "What?" He looked surprised, worried, and excited all at the same time. Scorpius didn't know why Albus would find this confusing.
     "It's nothing out of the ordinary, is it? I mean, we're great friends, of course I would want to spend time with you." Albus nodded slowly.
     "Okay. I'll come to the library with you after classes." He smiled for the first time in two days and they walked into Charms.


     The whole class, Scorpius couldn't think straight. His feather wouldn't budge, but of course it couldn't, for he wasn't even trying.
     "Scorpius!" Professor Flitwick shouted. "You're wand movements are sloppy, you're not even saying it right! Wingardium Leviosa! Wingardium Leviosa!" He urged the class to say it with him. Many other feathers started to fly into the air. Scorpius' did too, but it fell back onto the desk. What he was looking at was much more interesting.
     Albus had his chin resting on his hand. His hair was flipped over to one side, and he lazily flicked the feather up and down, saying the charm in a monotone voice.
     "How does he do it so effortlessly?" The girl next to Scorpius said. "He's soooooo cool!" Scorpius shifted in his seat uncomfortably.
     "Yeah!" A girl on the other side of Scorpius exclaimed. "He's the coolest guy in school! And dreamy too..." They both sighed at the same time.
     Scorpius was mad. He wanted to show the girls that he was cool too. "Watch this," he said, putting his wand under the desk. "Expelliarmus," he whispered. Albus' wand flew out of his hand and towards Scorpius. He caught it and tried his best to look confused.
     "Scorpius?" Albus asked, "Did you do that?" Scorpius shook his head and shrugged.
     "I don't know who did it."
     "I can tell when you lie." He held out his hand. Scorpius gave the wand, flattered that he knew him so well. "Seriously though, that was really kinda mean."
     "Yeah, totally uncool!" The girls said in unison. They turned their backs to him.
     "So why'd you do it?" Albus asked.
     "They were saying that you were so cool being able to do the charm, but I can do it too! I guess I was a little jealous." Albus' eyebrows raised.
     "You're jealous of me?" He laughed. "I'm jealous of you! I mean, you're acing Potions and I can barely keep from failing!" Scorpius fake laughed. The only reason he was acing Potions was because of that book.
     "Yeah, I guess I should become a potion maker when I grow up," he said. Albus laughed harder. He was relived that Albus' eyes were closed because if not, he would have seen the guilt on Scorpius' face.


     "Scorpius, can I talk to you?" Albus poked his head into the common room and asked. Scorpius shut his Potions book and nodded. Albus came in and sat down next to him. "After our fight a few days ago, I noticed you didn't go to the Great Hall or eat my Chocolate Frogs."
     "Lost my appetite," Scorpius said quickly.
     "But you were hungry, and I know you wanted to spend time with me too, but that doesn't mean you couldn't have eaten them." Albus took a chocolate frog out of his pocket. "I'm sure you would have gone by yourself if you were hungry. You messed up my spells in Charms class not only because you were jealous, but also because you didn't want other girls to become your competition. And now that I know all you want to do is spend more time with me, I think I have a conclusion." He looked at Scorpius. "You like me."
     Scorpius scoffed. "Really? You think I like you? First of all, I don't. Second of all, our parents would never allow it."
     ". And do you think I haven't noticed how you look and act around me, and only me?" Scorpius was speechless. "Just admit it. You like me."
     "...Would it be weird?" Scorpius asked. He didn't want to ruin their friendship.
     "No, not at all." Albus smiled. "Good talk, but I have to meet Daisy to work on our project together." He got up and headed towards the door, but stopped and turned around. "I don't like her, by the way." Albus walked out of view, and Scorpius flopped down in his chair, letting out a deep breath.
     He knows. He knows... He knows!

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