It's been three years since Albus and Scorpius met on the train going to Hogwarts. Life was well, organised, and quite boring, to be honest. But new problems arise one after another: Love, a book, and anew enemy that will break relationships left and right. Will Scorpius and Albus manage to survive this year? It will al be revealed in "Shameless"!


1. Chocolate Frogs

     Scorpious has a secret: He likes Albus. Not just as friends, as more. Ever since they met on the train to Hogwarts, Scorpius has known. Draco wouldn't mind, he liked Harry Potter for forever. But Scorpius was still worried. Harry didn't know, he probably wouldn't allow Albus to see him at all.
     And the worst part of all, he knew that Albus could never love him back. Scorpius was shy. He was embarrassed. He was shameful.


     "Albus!" Scorpius called to his friend. "Look what I found in the Room of Requirement!" Albus turned around and Scorpius' heart leapt. His cheeky grin and his soft, brown hair made the Malfoy melt.
     "What is it?" Albus asked.
     "Oh, uh, it's a book," Scorpius stammered, snapping back to reality. "It has all this writing in it." He flipped through the book. Albus moved closer to Scorpius, whose heart beat faster.
     "That's really cool, Scorpius!" Albus looked at him. Their faces were so close together, it took Scorpius a lot of will power not to lean in and kiss him.
     Albus smile became bigger. "I need to go to Herbology. I'll see you at the common room! I have a big surprise." He walked away, leaving Scorpius quite breathless.


     Scorpius ran to the common room right after Defense Against the Dark Arts. He set down his stuff, combed his hair, and straightened his tie. With the look he had after all that work, every girl would want to date him.
     Of course, Scorpius only wanted one. Albus.
     The Potter finally arrived.  He was holding a package wrapped in brown paper with a green bow on top. Scorpius took it, his heart skipped a beat when their hands touched. He sat down in front of the fire and opened it up. Inside was a gold necklace with a snake on it, slithered into the shape of an S.
     "It's a good luck charm," Albus said. "This was the last one in the store. I'll be gone for Christmas, so this is my present to you." Scorpius held it up. It was beautiful, and what was even more beautiful is that it came from Albus.
     "Thank you," Scorpius said. "I love y-" He stopped. "It. I love it." Albus didn't seem to catch what Scorpius almost said. He just grinned again.
     "I'm glad you like it. Now, I'm going to go to the library, if you want to join me. I have to write an essay for Herbology." Scorpius nodded eagerly. "Great! Race you!" Albus sprinted out the door with Scorpius shortly behind.


     Both boys were panting when they reached the library. Albus had won, but just by a little. 
     "I swear by Dumbledore's name, I would have won if you hadn't blocked my view the whole time," Scorpius said. Albus laughed.
     "Yeah right. I was feet ahead of you!"
     "Inches." They both laughed and sat down at a table. "Thanks again for the present." Albus put his hand on Scorpius'.
     "No problem." The small gesture was soon over when Albus reached for a book. Albus opened his own and started looking into the lesson that they did. They were both silent.
     Scorpius kicked Albus' foot lightly. He smiled and kicked back. They started playing footsie, and then started laughing again. Rose rounded the corner.
     "Shut up, lovebirds!" She said. Scorpius blushed. When he looked at Albus, he still had that grin on his face. When Rose left, Albus gave Scorpius one last friendly kick before working on his assignment.


     Scorpius didn't sleep. He looked at Albus sleeping peacefully across from him. The night was still. Scorpius was lonely.
     He liked to listen to the wind blowing or the owls flying from window to window. At this time, kids would be walking in and out of the common room, coming to and from dinner. Tonight there was nothing.
     He got up and slowly tip-toed to Albus. "Hey. Albus." Scorpius poked his friend. "Wake up." Albus groaned and flipped onto his side, facing Scorpius.
     "What do you want?"
     "I'm hungry. Do you have food?" Albus groaned and grabbed his wand on the bedside table.
     "Accio Chocolate Frogs," he said. Small boxes flew towards him and hit him in the face. "Ouch."
     Scorpius sighed. He wanted to go with Albus somewhere, not have him be lazy and stay in bed. "I don't want Chocolate Frogs," he said.
     "Eat that or get nothing."
     "Or you could come with me to the Great Hall and we could forage for some food," Scorpius suggested. Albus sat up and examined him.
     "You can't make me do your dirty work for you," he said.
     "I'm not! We're doing my dirty work together!" Scorpius stepped closer to the side of the bed. "Please?"
     "I need to sleep."
     "You can sleep later."
     "But I won't get as much."
     "It'll just take a few minutes!"
     "Why do you want to do this so much?" Albus' voice raised to a shout. "Why do you want to go with me? Can't you do this yourself?" Scorpius was hurt. "If you're hungry, go steal some food. I'm not going." He laid down with his back to Scorpius.
     "But I-"
     "Goodnight, Scorpius." Defeated, he went back to his bed. He felt so bad for trying to force Albus into doing something he didn't want to, but all he wanted was time together.
     "Goodnight." But Albus was already snoring by the time he said it.

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