Castaway| MUKE au

What happens when A complete smart ass and a complete weirdo meets the opposite of his kind?


1. Unexpected 😐

Luke's POV

*6:00* alarm sounds

Aahhhhhughjh fuuccck this annoying alarm see this is why I hate mornings.

I need to eat some breakfast before going to school. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat maybe something microwavable n stuff.

After eating some breakfast I went to the bathroom to get some nice decent shower. Showers are like my thing because whenever I shower or clean my body i don't why i think of something deep shits and it's like my quiet time.

My mom is not home yet she works as a chef in the diner downtown we own that restaurant, but she really likes to cook and serve people so she chooses to cook there even tho it gives her more time to work.

After some decent shower i grabbed the closest skinny jeans laying on the floor and my blink-182 shirt. Bands are like my thing to I stan too much people or artist ,but my all time favorite is blink-182 and Nirvana. After dressing up the school bus picked me up as a daily routine i don't why, but i feel so scared whenever i ride that school bus there are too many people and they tend to intimidate me there are couples on the left side eating their gf/bf's filthy ass mouth and on the other side are the nerds and the 'rockers' and on the end part the quiet ones. And I was one of them people think that I'm selective mute or a freak,but I don't mind them sometimes i tend to become as the shy type.

After looking for a perfect spot I sat on the very end of the school bus and I decided to put my earphones on and listen to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.

After 5 minutes I noticed that the bus stopped to pick up another student as the door opened the blonde dyed hair boy walked in with his headphones on blast see even tho he's far from me i can still hear what's he listening to

He scanned the bus to see if there are more available sits,but the only available sit is near my spot or beside me, but I'm not expecting that he would sit near me or anything.

So i continue to scan my camera roll looking for my notes because I need to review. It's not yet finals week, but we have a math quiz and it's my first subject plus I'm kinda good at math and I think that's the only thing i'm good at besides playing the guitar and being a complete weirdo.

As I read my 'notes' I felt someone's talking to me, but I can't really understand a thing he/she was saying. As I lowered the volume of my phone i checked who was talking to me and I was surprised that it was the blonde dyed hair boy. I frantically know him, his name is Michael Clifford sometimes a total jerk, fuckboy? I really don't know how to describe him but by the way he looks or the way he does things makes me jump into conclusions and judge him like that.

As i got lost by my thoughts he snapped me with a question

"Hey are you even listening to every word I'm saying?"

I can tell in the tone of his voice that he's not mad.

"Eh i'm sorry i didn't really understand the thing you were saying earlier can you please say it again?" I can feel my blood rushing in my cheeks and fuck why can't i stop it?

"I said what are you doing?" He laughs

Whenever he laughs it feels like I'm lost and seduced by his laughter and it's like music to my ears fuck wait what am I even fuck.

"Oh i was just reading my notes,yah know we have this quiz later and yeah"

" oh smart type eh? I bet you're gonna ace that test huh"

I forced a smile revealing my dimples

"Well I hope so" how can he care all of the sudden we barely talk to each other in school plus he's out of my league

As we reached the school I packed my things in my bag and stood up to get out of there.

"Eat with me at lunch?"

He said out of no where. I didn't even expected that he would talk to me again.

"You sure? Because you seem like a really cool guy and 'guys' like you don't talk to me i'm a freak and a complete weirdo you know?"

" You a complete weirdo? Oh fuck please look at yourself you are a masterpiece if I was a girl i would be head over heels for you"

He smiled after saying that. I can tell that i'm blushing way too hard right now.

"Are you blind or something?" I asked without hesitation

"No i'm not why'd you asked?"

"Eh because of what you said "

"Hey i just complimented you can you just please say thank you?"

"So you're serious about that?"

"Well yeah cept that part that if I were a girl or do you want to ask me out or?"

"You know we should go to our class yah know?"

"After you my baby"

"Can you please stop that act right now? I'm starting to think that you're gay Clifford.

"Geez do you want me to?"

"Okay I need to get goin see yah later"


Hi guys so this is my first story here i'm not much really into writing some stories I'm more like a silent reader and stuff so I hope u guys liked this and I really hope u read this crappy story i've made 😄

Follow me guys on twitter I'll followback 😉


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