A Megstiel and a Dean x Charlie AU (Alternate Universe).
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More brief description : A young boy named Sam Winchester find's his old high school Journal �� in an old chest drawer he opens it up to where all the pages are blank then remember that this is the one he.

Lost back in high school he runs upstairs to his room to write the unfinished chapters
of last year's Christmas Eve but with twist.
It all started with my two bothers falling in love with two girls....
PS I do not own Supernatural, It's owned by Eric Kripke. Only this fanfic is owned by me not the characters that is owned by Eric Kripke. And the poem's at the end belong to me.
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9. ❣~Chocolate for two~❣Chocolate Candy Bar+cookie for two/you and me poem

Hey Fantasygirl here with two Poems I could not put them anywhere in this book expect for the end so enjoy these two SPN poems made by me.

Also thanks for the 2K on Movellas I heart ❤️My Stars aka my fans.

2016-2017 published 6 December 2016


Completed: 29 December 2016


~Chocolate for two~


Two hot chocolate mugs filled to the brim and snow falling down on the side the street.

As a man reading a book across from the other side of the table a woman and him chat for hours as they order hot chocolate for two.


The waiter got them one brownies.


And two spork's but it on the table in the Center in front of them.


The two people looked at the taste dessert in confusion.

As hot fudge drip on the plate.


The waiter could tell by the look on there faces they didn't order this in fact they didn't order anything at all except for the two hot chocolate drinks.


The young waiter just smiled. then said


"It was on the house." He said back and then he added


"And here's your Chocolate for two." he smiled at the happy couple.


They both said "thank you."


Just outside the cafe window where two warm hearts loving away

On that cold snowy day.

As the two love birds shared their sweet brownie and drinking.

Hot coco on Christmas Day.



🍫~Chocolate Candy Bar+cookie for two/you and me🍫


Eh this is just like Chocolate for two but it's two people different people this time.

Ps it's still winter their as the sitting takes place.


As a red haired woman standing at the cash register drinking a hot cup of Hot chocolate could hear the timer go off in the kitchen and someone walked into the cafe rubbing his hands together to keep warm.




For she know what it meant the cookie's where done in the cookhouse she would be with the person who was wearing the beanie in a minute.


Even though the man only saw her face for only a second he couldn't but fall for her he decided to shake the feeling off.


As soon as the cookie's cooled down the girl walked back and put into the Display glass container.


As the customer was going to opening his mouth another man walked inside and sat down beside.


"What can get for you two?" she said


"A cookie and can I hold your hands"? the one in the beanie said


She couldn't help but blushed at his comment but got the chocolate chip cookie anyway.


"That will be 4"$ she said


He payed for it she then put it on a Plate then put the money in the cash register.


Than sat down next to kind stranger and holding his freeze hands while drinking the rest of her Coco. ☕️


As for the other man with dark brown flowing hair couldn't help but chuckle a little bit as his brother request.


For he got himself a Chocolate Candy Bar and put his money in the tip box and Split them into three equal parts and give some to his brother.


He took it and so did she.


"Aww big bother is in love." he thought in his head.


The three of them talk though out closing time as for the two love birds shared the cookie and a kiss and a cellphone number.


Two hershey kisses followed by the two brothers saying.


"Jerk" and "Bitch" to each other.


Then driving off in a 64 chevy impala.


fantasygirl 2017©®™

Arigatōgozaimashita thank you in Japanese.

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