A Megstiel and a Dean x Charlie AU (Alternate Universe).
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More brief description : A young boy named Sam Winchester find's his old high school Journal �� in an old chest drawer he opens it up to where all the pages are blank then remember that this is the one he.

Lost back in high school he runs upstairs to his room to write the unfinished chapters
of last year's Christmas Eve but with twist.
It all started with my two bothers falling in love with two girls....
PS I do not own Supernatural, It's owned by Eric Kripke. Only this fanfic is owned by me not the characters that is owned by Eric Kripke. And the poem's at the end belong to me.
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4. Chapter 4 :The Coffee House Grand Opening



"So what are we going to do for music class"? I said back

"We could cover the song Latch like they did" I said to them

"Okay that's a great idea." sam said

"I'm going to find Charlie and Meg and tell them" Dean said

The bell tower rung in the tallest clock tower in town also the bell rung for lunch Sam walked with me to the lunch room. 

"We might as well find the biggest table so we can all talk." Sam said

"Good Idea." I said

We both walked to the biggest table and sat down. "so what did Garth make for you"? He asked back to me.

I check my lunch bag some Chips, a Homemade Chicken Sandwich,

A Fruit Roll Up,and a Snicker's candy bar I pulled everything out.

"A homemade chicken sandwich"?! He said

"Hey that's Garth for you." I said back



Sam pov

I just chuckled "yeah you're right I'm going to get my guitar from my locker." He nodded and I smiled and walked outside to get it. 

As I opened my locker my journal fell out I picked it up I need it for English class.

"Hey Sammy" I turned around to see my brother Dean "oh I can't talk right "now we can talk to in lunch room." "ok" I said I ran back into the lunch room and ate my food then Dean and Charlie follow by Meg walked into the lunch.

I ate my lunch and told cas to play the song on his I phone he played the music video and told us the name of the singers.

"They sounds cool" I said back

"We had the same idea this morning at Music class but we should do it at" "the coffee house opening today." Meg said

"Let me see if I can read some of lyrics and strumming my guitar." I said back.

"I burned up the fire when you speak" "But my heart can't help it I find a way to block it." "I go la la la la la la." he said


"Then I stopped and saw people free dancing to the song they stopped when I stopped singing/playing on the guitar.

"Aww why did you stop playing"? a boy said

"Well it's an acoustic  guitar and I was just practicing for a music project." I said back

"Okay nice singing." he said back

"Thanks." I said

✨~Time skip to afternoon at school~✨

Me and cass arrived home early from school Dean was helping Charlie and Meg jo was sick and couldn't come to Grand opening. But wished us luck on the music video. All five of us agreed to do aka Music video aka Acappella.

Delilah  jumped on my  bed  I just  continue  to practice as I was petting her . 

"Sam are you home"?! a voice said 

"Yes" Garth I yelled back  from my room.  

"Well the car fixed  tell dean he can drive to the impala." he said back


"What about you."? I yelled back from my room.

"I can walk it's not that far to the new Coffee House."  he said 

"Oh trust me it's far like school we walk  30 minutes." I said back as I  came downstairs.  

"Well you don't have to  walk any more samm"---- Garth never got to finishing his sentence for dean entered the house. 

"Welcome home Dean." I said 

"I have good news." Garth said


"OK what's the good news?"  he said


"The impala is fixed" he said back 


"Guess who got there driver license early"? He said 

"you did!?" I said back 


"yup" he handed it to Garth.

"yup It real all right!" Cass said 

"Anyway we need to get going dean you start the car." Garth said 

"really!" "yes" he did a  little happy dance. 

And we all got in the car  dean started the car  "House rules Sammy driver "Pick's the music shotgun shut his cake hole."

Black to Black By AC plays on the radio As they drove of into town.  (It's also the writer favorite Quote from the show!)


Sam then turned on the heat.

"The car needs to warm up first." Dean said

After about a few minutes the car warmed up.

"By the way Bobby will meet us there." Garth said

"That great." cass said

"OK we are here well I'm going to find a parking spot." Dean said

We all got out of the car and closed the door.

"Be careful Dean" I said "their's a lot of people here."

"You can go find Meg and Charlie I will catch up." he said

He drove off to find a parking spot.

"Wow the whole Village is here.!" cass said

"Of course it's a new Coffee House Shop you would go into a new Sear's" or "Walmart even a Best Buy if it was new and if we had them in the Village.!" Garth said 

"Oh" he said back "what's a Best Buy Walmart and Sears."?

"I don't understand that reference." he said

"It's not a reference cas they all stores." I said

We walked into the crowd of people Garth was going to find Uncle Bobby in the crowd of people.

We saw Meg Ellen and Charlie up front it was a little cute Coffee House shop with desserts in the window display Charlie and Meg where both happy that there mother Ellen had a job in town.

"We are happy to present the first ever coffee house in WoodHam." Ellen said

Everyone clapped for joy and yelling yes.

Dean was beside me also Garth and Bobby.

Ellen cut the red ribbon.

The coffee house is opened for Business." meg said


"Let's go see the inside" we all walked in.

The inside was warm there where Christmas decorations all over the walls.

A nice little sitting area to watch football games and many other tv programs.

The display counter had chips cookie"s and brownie"s covered in fudge
  they had cupcakes too.

"So do you guys like the coffee house?" meg asked us.

"I don't like.... I love it." I said back to her

She just smiled back at me

And walked to cass for he was looking at the brownies covered in chocolate fudge.

"You want to get one?" They only 25$." she said


"Not now" he said "maybe next time" He said back still looking at the brownies.

"How about some hot chocolate"? She said

"Maybe later too" he said

He then kissed Meg on the cheek and walked off.

Dean pulled Charlie close to him.

"Remember when I said there experiencing new feelings maybe there" "calling to them they just don't know it yet".





















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