A Megstiel and a Dean x Charlie AU (Alternate Universe).
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More brief description : A young boy named Sam Winchester find's his old high school Journal �� in an old chest drawer he opens it up to where all the pages are blank then remember that this is the one he.

Lost back in high school he runs upstairs to his room to write the unfinished chapters
of last year's Christmas Eve but with twist.
It all started with my two bothers falling in love with two girls....
PS I do not own Supernatural, It's owned by Eric Kripke. Only this fanfic is owned by me not the characters that is owned by Eric Kripke. And the poem's at the end belong to me.
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1. Chapter 1: The old high school Journal 📓



Please note that this is an AU for a Contest entry so please don't hate my ships.


✨~Sam pov~✨

It's Christmas break once more in the small town of WoodHam yes I know what you are thinking about the town name it's really famous for it's wood and ham. Every year our oldest brother Garth makes me and my older brother Dean go and collect some of the fire wood and ham from the market.


Dean always complaints when we go get the ham and wood I wouldn't blame him it's to damn cold outside.

We have another bother named Castiel he is the youngest in the family he's pretty tall for his age.


Also we have new neighbors....


Sam going to the window and put his pencil down on the sheet of paper in front of his bed.


He continue's to see his across the street neighbor Crowley watering tomatoes outside then Sam get distracted by a stoke of light in his room his eyes followed the sun light bean. To an old chest drawer he started to dig around inside it.


Until he found what he was looking for he pulled it out it was his old high school journal the one he lost in high school.


The cover was dusty but he opened it up anyway than flipping through the pages until he saw a cockroach in one of the pages than closed it shut and drop it.


Than he stepped on it  then dean ran  into the room  " hey sammy  guess was garth  has for dinner"for us tonight."?


"Is it pizza"? I said


"Nope" he said back

 "Is it's I sniffed the air is it chicken"? I said back


"yup" he said back


"last one down is a rotten egg."  he said


"fine" I  said  I brought  the journal with me  dean was still running.


I was still trapped in though about  something until  I heard a high pitch It was Mr Fizzles Garth sock puppet.


"Hi sam it me your Friend Mr Fizzles". The socket puppet said

"What that you have there?" he said

"It's just my old high school Journal." I said back to him


"Can I see it?" he said


"Sure" I said  "but I kill a cockroach  with it" I said back to him as.

I slowly gave it to him he flipped through the pages Than handed it back to me.


I just walked passed Garth and Mr Fizzles to get some food.


Dean was already eating I then just got three chicken wings on my plate and sat beside him.


Castiel was watching the SpongeBob Square Pants Christmas special and eating popcorn chicken with macaroni.

Garth work's as blacksmith so we have lot of food most of the time anyway "I'm going to work on the car" he said to me and Dean we both nod.


"Don't forget to give the cookies to our next door neighbors" he said back then he headed into the garage to fix up the 64 chevy impala.


I got my jacket and my beanie I was about to open the door when I heard a voice say "Sam Dean where are you going"?

I then looked at Castiel "we are going to visit our new neighbor's who live's beside us" see they just here he pointed at moving truck outside "is that them?" He said back.


He see's a blonde hair girl and a red head girl standing outside on the grass talking then walking back into the house.



Dean pov


"I guess are you coming cas"? "Okay just to meet them" he said.

"Okay Sammy" let's g----" When I turned around Sam was already walking down and yelled "come on you slow pokes!".


"I can't run I'm holding the cookies." I said


Sammy rang the doorbell and all of us waited until we saw a lady.

"Yes." she said


"We are you next door neighbor's I'm Dean and this my brother "Sam and my other brother Castiel."


"Welcome to WoodHam home of to popular Products ham and wood." Castiel said


Dean gave her the cookies.

"Our other bother made them his name is Garth." Sam said


"Can we came inside your house.?" Castiel said "it's freezing."


"Sure" the three of them clean their shoes and walked inside.


And sat on the sofa "So what can I get you boys?" she back to us.


"Nothing we are not thirsty" we all said at the same time.



Meg's pov

"Charlie and Jo" I'm going to get some more snack's from downstairs "Okay" they both said

I slowly walked down stairs and put the cups inside the sink and got the Doritos from the pantry and pore some in a bowl. And saw three boys sitting on the sofa.


"Meg" "my mom said "This is Sam Dean and Castiel, our new neighbors."


"Hi" I said

"Hello" they said back.


I'm going to get my sister's Jo and Charlie to meet them.

She walked upstairs with a big bowl Doritos.


Sam's pov


As Meg went upstairs to get her other sister's cas wanted to whisper.

Something in me and Dean's ear so we let him.

"My tummy has butterflies inside it I don't" "think I need to use the bathroom do I?" He said back

"We both laugh "cas you just have a crush on someone." Dean said


" Yup it's normal to feel this way." I said back


"So it's normal to have an insect in your tummy quick how do I get it out.?" He said


Me and Dean chuckled at his comment "Cas it's not real an insect inside you." Dean said


"Yup it what people feel when they have a crush". I told him


"Oh well I hope it's goes away soon" he said back us.


"Hi" Me and Cass both jumped for we were startled by a high squeal we both looked around to see a girl with blonde hair sit beside Dean.

I looked at Cas for he was clutching his heart and his body went a little stiff he slowly came back breathing and to his old self.



"Sorry if I startled you I'm Jo and theses are my two sister's Charlie" and Meg." Jo said


"Hello" we all said in unison.


"I'm Sam and these are my brother's Dean and Castiel" I said back to them.


"Nice to meet all three of you guys." Charlie said


"Same." Dean said


~Then Dean cellphone chimed and so did mine and cass~


We both looked at the message on Dean phone then I got mine out then cas got his out they were all the same text from Garth.


"One two three not it." Dean said


"Not it." I said back


"Not it." cass said

"The only way to settle this is Rock Paper Scissors." I said


"Ready and go Rock Paper Scissors" I said back to them.


I had rock I sighed "Dean allways with the Scissors." I said back to him


Also Cass has scissors "best two out of three". cass said


"Okay we will do this one more time Dean." I said


"Rock Paper Scissors" Cass said


Dean still had scissors and I still had rock.


"Dammit! "he said


"Don't forget to bundle up buddy." I said


"Let's just all go So we can all carry something." cass said


"Fine." Dean said


"Well goodbye miss." cass said


"My name is Ellen." She said


"Goodbye miss Ellen." we all said


Cass give Meg a hug goodbye.


And Dean give Charlie a good bye hug.


I just give jo a high five.


I closed the door behind us it was snowing for awhile now.

"Come on we need to go to Bobby's if we want the fire wood and ham." Dean said


"Don't you mean Uncle Bobby the one who calls us idjits sometimes?." cass said


"Yup"Sam said running down the street and running into town.


"Uncle Bobby" I said happily he give my a bear hug "Sam!?" He said back.


"Where your bother's."? He said to me


"They coming." I said back


"Uncle Bobby" dean walked through the door then cass Then we were all in a bear hug then got put on the floor.


"So what do my nephew's want?" he asked us all happy like.


"Ham again" cas said


"And fire wood but this time I will chopped it." I said


A few hours later we where done collecting the fire wood and ham.


A few minutes later we where home our feet hurt like they running to the moon and back.


"We are back Garth" Dean said and he headed upstairs and went to bed.


"Welcome back guy's" he put some of the firewood in the fire place.


"Our new neighbors like the cookies." I told him


"That good" Garth said


"Well I have work in the morning tomorrow" he said he pat me on head.


I just smiled and walked upstairs than turned around and got my Journal.


"Good night Sammy." he called


"Good night Garth." I said back


When I got to my room I just dozed off and slept in the bed window seat.




























































































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