Wherever You Are

This is not your average love story...what if you have feeling for someone and they feel the same but all they do is date your friends, and you decide to date one of his friends, what happens then?

Alayna is starting to have a severe crush on her best friend, sadly all he does his date her friends, first her sister then Mackenzie. Alayna is tired of being alone and having no one to go to after she's been bullied at school, so what happens when she goes to his best friend? Will he come back for her or will they finally move on.


2. Lies

"An i end up lying.."


The boys have been here for 4 months now, and they're 4 of the most popular guys, I talked to them, were actually really close like bro and sis close, secretly though, the lindsay could not find out that we are talking, other wise i'd get pounded into the ground like a stake. They all have girlfriends, including Michael, which just doesn't feel right, whenever i see him with her i just feel like someone put a block of iron in my chest and i struggle to move. Worst thing is I always see them together because he's dating my sister, Jessica, who's the exact opposite of me, honestly what does he see in her, she's the barbie of the school, or aka the slut of the school who will manage to get every guy in her bed, trust me it's no fun hearing that at 1am. Whenever he's over I try talking to him, but i can't, I can talk perfectly fine to Calum, Ashton and Luke but not Michael, Brooke says it's because i have a crush on him but im not sure yet. Jessica comes downstairs and say Michaels coming over with the guys, and that i should go upstairs so they pay attention to her and not me. I grab my homework and mope up the creaky stairs, dragging my black bag behind me. I walk past the mirror and look at myself, disgusting, i'm wearing black sweats and a stained white tee, no wonder she wanted me upstairs, i look like a wreck and my hair is literally a rats nest. I wanna be downstairs so i can't play Final Fantasy on my xbox, now'd i play upstairs but jessica took my TV away so she could binge watch PPL. I pot my Loser shirt on, the same one that i was wearing when i first met Michael, and my cropped leggings, no thong though, those are like a living wedgie, according to my friends. I brush my newly dyed hair, shades of blue by the way and put it into those boxing braids, satisfied, i pop a rootbeer barrel candy in my mouth and head downstairs. "Oh hey Alayna!" I hop of the stairs and see Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Michael sitting on the couch playing MY Final Fantasy.

"Alright, who went into my video game closet?" I cross my arms and stand in front of them.

"Hello to you too." Michael laughs.

"Your girlfriends upstairs."

"You think there still dating? She invited us so Michael could-" Michael slaps Ashton.

'Shut up"

"OW! It was your idea too!" I roll my eyes and take the controller from Calum and sit in between him and Michael, his hand touches mine when we reach for the caramel popcorn, sending tingles and chills down my back, Brookes right, I do like one of my best friends. I change my game to Assassin's Creed and challenge Michael. "If i win." I state. "You have to buy me school lunch for the rest of the year."

"Okay, and if i win you have to drive me wherever i want."

"Okay deal, you're going down Mikey!" He blushes a little bit, i dont know why, i'm stupid, maybe because i called him Mikey, that's a first i normally call him noodle, potato or just Michael. My character follows his and i use the computer to call a bomb on him, running back, theres a huge explosion.


"You're just afraid to admit that you lost to a girl."

"No-no i'm not..."

"Okay then say 'I'm a loser i lost to a girl and i will worship that and she's the best."

"Ugh...um....uhhh...ugh fine, I'm a loser i lost to a girl and i will worship that and Alayna's the best.. There you happy now?"


"Then what do you want?"

"Foryoutotellherwhatyouweregonnasayearlier." Luke says in one word, what was he gonna tell me.

"What were you gonna tell me?"

"Oh that um, i-i, um that i wanna date your friend Mackenzie."

"Oh.." LIAR!" Ashton and i say at the same time in sync, his loud voice overpowering mine.

"I-I'm not lying!" Michael yells, making everyone sit back in fear.

"Yeah he his, he came to tell you that he loves you." Michael slaps Calum across the face.

"Ow! What was that for mate, im just tellin' the poor girl the truth."

"Well it's not the truth."

"Then prove it." If its even possible he's even paler than before, taking his phone he rings somebody up."

"Hey um this this Kenzie....yeah this is michael...good you? SO i was wondering if you'd um be my girlfriend....REALLY!..Okay see you later babe." Its official, Michnzies real, stupid Calum and his 'I love you' jokes. I sit on Ashton's lap, hurt of what just happened. He puts his hand on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

"I'm sorry love, i know you liked him."

"Thanks Ashy." 

"Aww no problem love" He wraps his arms around me, giving me warmth like a heater, so this is what it's like to be in a guy's arms...i like it. I think to myself. 





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