Wherever You Are

This is not your average love story...what if you have feeling for someone and they feel the same but all they do is date your friends, and you decide to date one of his friends, what happens then?

Alayna is starting to have a severe crush on her best friend, sadly all he does his date her friends, first her sister then Mackenzie. Alayna is tired of being alone and having no one to go to after she's been bullied at school, so what happens when she goes to his best friend? Will he come back for her or will they finally move on.


13. Jealousy

"Like what you see?" Ashton smirks and buffs out his chest, causing other girls, and some boys, to eye him 

"Yea sure, whatever you wanna think" I sass. I walk out of the exit, him following close behind. As we walk towards the centre of the park, Ashton grabs my hand, holding it tightly.  "Ash, what are you-" I looks at me and grabs my face. 

"I'm just continuing of what happened in Dunkin Doughnuts"   My face flushes, and I attempt to look down, but his hands got my face locked in a upright position. He leans in, closing his eyes as so. Im not ready, no, no no, I love you ash but PLEASE  nooo. His lips connect with mine. his soft lips, moving, asking mine to move in sync, i find myself kissing back, him kissing me softly but passionately whist moving his hand to my lower back.  "Im sorry" He begins. 'I just..i had you..I really, really like you Alayna, sorry if i ruined our friendship" He whispers, his forehead, on mine. He lowers his hands, and lets his arms dangle loosely

"Hey Alayna! Im coming... oh.....I'm sorry i ruined your moment...." Michael rocks on his feet. "I erm, C'mon Mackenzie.."  

"Mikey? Hey whats-" Ashton puts a hand on my shoulder.





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