Wherever You Are

This is not your average love story...what if you have feeling for someone and they feel the same but all they do is date your friends, and you decide to date one of his friends, what happens then?

Alayna is starting to have a severe crush on her best friend, sadly all he does his date her friends, first her sister then Mackenzie. Alayna is tired of being alone and having no one to go to after she's been bullied at school, so what happens when she goes to his best friend? Will he come back for her or will they finally move on.


1. How Did We End Up Here

how did we end up here?"


I walk into the lunchroom with my close friends, Kenzie, Megan, and Brooke, I wasn't the popular one of the group, heck I wasn't popular at all, I was just some lame girl who liked video games and didn't care about her grades to much. I'm wasnt to good in school, I failed a lot of my classes, I mean I still am failing. I have no clue how I managed to get to senior year. Brooke begins to look around for a new guy to crush on and most likely date for a couple of months, it's always the the same for her, crush, date, breakup, repeat. Shes a super nice girl, but her relationships dont last very long. Neither do mine...I never had one. I have crushes and all, but either i'm too shy, there in a relationship, or they have no clue I exist. I sit in the middle of the table, joining Megan's other popular friends, I dont like them, more...loathe them, my friends dont know it but the "Lindsays" always harass me behind there backs, not just verbally, physically too. Of course I can't tell them, you should already know, I dont want to get into depth of that story...Summing it up, it's all threats. I turn my head to see what the other girls are looking at, 4 really tall boys, there really attractive, but only one caught my eye. He had bright red hair, a snake bite eyebrow piercing, on the corner of his left eyebrow, and he was fairly pale, he has black studs for earrings and his eyes were exotic green. He was wearing a black and white shirt saying 'Loser' in red letters. He had black ripped skinnies with slits in the knees and black converse, looking around, he continuously played with his bracelets.

"Asian's mine" Brooke says slipping me out of my thought...he's not Asian, he's Kiwi, you can tell by the skin colour and the eyes...idiot.

"Lip ring is mine" Megan says staring at him.

"Bandana is mine" Kenzie says eating her balsamic Italian salad. "Then the other one can just go away."

"Do not insult punk rock, he's really cute. Oh and you should at least learn their names."

"Learn tastes in guys loser" Brooke laughs. I roll my eyes and head to the back of the cafe, I dont wanna be around the girls talk boys drama. I sit in the back at the old cedar round table, were nobody else is and I take out my 5 slices of pizza, I know I eat a lot.

"Can we sit here love?" I look up to see bandanna, lip ring, kiwi and punk rock standing in front of me.

"Yeah sure.."

"My names Ashton, thats Luke, Calum, and Michael."

"Hey my name is Alayna" I say in my thick american accent, i'm the only american here, I transfered 4 years ago from Texas.

"Nice, oh hey I like your shirt." Michael says smiling cutely, I look down to see were wearing the same one.

We walk out of the lunchroom after the bell rings. "Are you new I ask" They nod, freaking out at the people around them, I look at their schedule, great all you guys have world studies with me, follow me dont be afraid to push people around'


I go out the back of the school, where all the cars are parked, after i said goodbye to the boys, and i head towards my ford f150.

"Hey fishy what were you doing talking to my little project?' A lindsay says going up to be

"I dont think you can own a human let alone have a project with them" Big mistake, thanks a lot big ass mouth.

" I think you should regret saying that..."

"Believe me, I did as soon as I said it." I frown as she steps closer and puts her face in mine.

"I dont wanna see you talking to those boys again you hear me?" I nod so she'll leave me alone. "Go, your disgusting face in ruining my skin." 





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