Wherever You Are

This is not your average love story...what if you have feeling for someone and they feel the same but all they do is date your friends, and you decide to date one of his friends, what happens then?

Alayna is starting to have a severe crush on her best friend, sadly all he does his date her friends, first her sister then Mackenzie. Alayna is tired of being alone and having no one to go to after she's been bullied at school, so what happens when she goes to his best friend? Will he come back for her or will they finally move on.


8. Friends or More?

“Are we friend or are we more as im walking towards the door im not sure…”

Halfway through the movie, I start drifting off, yawning I stand up. “I'm gonna go to bed now Ash, i'm really tired.”

“Yeah same.” He yawns, turning the movie off. We slowly walk up the stairs, trying to stay awake. “You can sleep in my room i'm gonna sleep in jessica's room.”

“Okay night.: He says walking into my room and closing the door behind him. I try opening jess’s door but it's locked ,she doesn't want anybody in her palace. I dont have a key to unlock the door either. Sighing i grab a blanket from the hallway and i silently walk downstairs into the livingroom. I lie down on the old cough that's as hard as a rock. I turn on the T.V and put it on music choice- slow songs- yay You and I is on. I wrap the blanket around me so i feel like a bunny in a hole, moving uncomfortably i close my eyes.


Ashtons Pov

I wake up to hear Beside You from downstairs, guess i didn't turn off the T.V. I get out of bed and open the door, I silently walk down the hall so i dont wake Alayna. I creep down the stairs and walk less noisily into the living room, the T.V sending off an eerie amount of light,  casting ghostly shadows everywhere. There's a big pile of blankets on the couch and a weird noise, Frightened i turn it off, then i see the blanket fall and Alayna tossing and turning uncontrollably. Jess must've locked her door, i'm not gonna leave her there so i pick her up bridal style and carry her up the stairs. I walk down the shadow casted hallway, stepping on the cold hardwood floor that creaks under my feet. I walk into her room and gently lie her down facing the wall. I pull a blanket over her and i put the stuffed koala next to her. I begin to walk out the door si i can sleep on that couch when i remember what she said earlier. Being alone makes me feel even more invisible i silently close the door and head back towards her, i go under the sheets, i hope she won't mind.. I pull her body into mine and warp my muscular arms around her smallish body.

“Ash?’ Alayna mumbles

‘Shhh you're not invisible, you're gonna burst into colour from the shades of grey.” I smile kissing the top of her head.

‘Thanks Ashy i...i..i lo-” she says while falling asleep.

“I love you too...I love you too.”



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