My Adventures In Kanto

Pokemon Trainer Leaf is starting her journey today, in the Region of Kanto. She goes on a "quest" to be the best Trainer, and she meets lots of people and Pokemon. Many dreams, adventures, and friendships await for her. ---A Pokemon Red&Blue Fanfiction--- Panda Of Fyre


1. Part 1: A New Beginning

My eyes slowly opened, and I yawned, rolling over to go back to sleep, still tired and wanting to sleep the day away.

But then, I remembered... 

Today is the day! I can't be late!

I rolled out of bed, swinging my legs out from under the covers. I tiredly shuffled to my bathroom in my PJs, my eyes half closed, my posture drooped.

I brushed my teeth with my best green toothbrush, using my favorite spearmint toothpaste. I rinsed, then shuffled back to my room, staring tiredly at my drawers. I opened one subconsciously, not aware of what I was pulling out.

"Leaf!!! Hurry up and come on down," my Mother called, impatience clear in her voice. " And dress nicely!" 

I snapped awake and put my polka dotted dress away and took out my light blue tank, red miniskirt, and green socks, along with my red and white tennis shoes. Yawning, I brushed through my brown hair and stuck my white hat on top.

Grabbing my yellow bag, I went down the stairs, scratching my arm, my eyes droopy. "Hey, Mom", I said, my voice tired.

She grinned. "Hey, honey. Professor Oak next door wanted you, so you should grab an apple and head on over there."

I nod, snatching an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter and taking my Trainer ID Card Mom had left next to it.

As I walk out the door, I take a look at my Trainer Card. Huh... the photo of me is not bad...

As I'm walking, I notice the people of Pallet Town out and about, doing their thing.

Stepping up to Professor Oak's laboratory, I pushed open the door, stepping inside. I looked round, eyes wide. 

One of the Aides pointed towards the back where Oak would be. I went back there, but instead of Oak being there, my childhood friend and rival Blue was standing there instead.

"Hey, Leaf," Blue said, coming over. "Gramps isn't around." Then he went back to where he had stood before, to continue waiting for Oak.

I huffed and turned around, going back out. 

Maybe Professor Oak is out on Route 1, I thought.

As I was about to walk into the grass, I heard a voice call out, "Hey! Don't go out there! Wild Pokemon live in the tall grass!"

I whirled around to see Oak making his way over to me from the direction of his house. 

"You can't go out there," he says. "Follow me to my lab. You need a Pokemon for your protection."

I drag myself along after him, and follow him into the lab.

Blue is near the back, next to a table with three red and white balls. 

"C'mon, Gramps!", Blue says impatiently. "I'm fed up with waiting!"

Oak shuts his eyes and clears his throat. "Hold on, Blue."

The Professor turns to me. "Alright, Leaf. On this table are three Pokemon, inside these Pokeballs. Back in the day, I was a Pokemon Trainer. But now I'm old, and have these three left. Go ahead and choose one"

Blue groans in annoyance. "Gramps, what about me?"

Oak sighs. "You'll get your chance, Blue. Just be patient."

I walk over to the table, and study the Pokeballs. The labels on them said "Charmander" "Bulbasaur" and "Squirtle".

I take the Pokeball that was labeled "Bulbasaur", and pressed the button. A green, little dinosaur-toad like Pokemon with a bulb on its back appeared in a flash of scarlet, looking up at me with big, red eyes.

"Bulb~! Bulbasaur~!", it said happily.

Smiling, I picked up the bulky Pokemon, surprised at how light he was for his big size.

I snapped back to attention as Blue goes over to the table and picks up the one that says "Charmander". 

"I guess I'll take this one," he says, holding up the Pokeball proudly. He presses the button and a little orange lizard-like Pokemon came out. "Char~!" The little Pokemon looked up at Blue with wide eyes.

Blue smiled and picked up the little Pokemon, patting its head. He looked at me, smirking "My Pokemon looks a lot tougher than yours."

I rolled my eyes and waved at Blue and Professor Oak, then turned to go, my Bulbasaur still in my arms. I was walking towards the door when Blue called out, "Leaf! Hold on!"

I turn to see him coming up, Charmander following behind. "I think we should have a Battle to see which of us is tougher."

Nodding, I set my Pokemon down, and Blue and Charmander backed up so we had enough space for our Pokemon to Battle.

Oak shook his head. "Tsk, tsk! Pushy, as always. Leaf, you've never had a Pokemon Battle before, have you? I would tell you how, but... I'll let you learn from experience."

I smile determinedly, then call out, "Bulbasaur, use Tackle!"

Bulbasaur rams into Charmader, the force of the impact causing Charmander to stumble back, cringing.

Oak claps his hands. "Good. Inflicting Damage is the key to any Pokemon Battle."

Blue smirks. "Charmander, use Scratch!" Charmander swipes at Bulbasaur with its sharp claws. 

Bulbasaur backs up, shaking his head. "Bulbaaa~..."

I flip my hair over my shoulder and command, "Bulbasaur, use Growl to decrease Charmander's Attack!"

Bulbasaur Growled deeply, causing Charmander to shiver, and its Attack went down, according to the screen on the lab's back wall.

The Professor smiled. "That was a smart move. Reducing the Defending Pokemon's Stats will give you an advantage in Battle."

Blue sighed, knowing he was at a disadvantage. "Charmander, use Scratch again!" Charmander swiped at Bulbasaur with its claws again, but the Damage was decreased. 

When it was my turn, I shout, "Bulbasaur, time for another Tackle Attack!" 

As Bulbasaur rammed into Charmander, Blue called out, "Charmander, use Growl!"

Charmander Growled while being Tackled, and Bubasaur's Damage on Charmander was weakened.

Bulbasaur ran back to me, whirling around and glaring at Charmander. I glanced at the screen on the wall. 

Bulbasaur HP: !9-------Charmander HP: 16

I sighed, frustrated. I did not remember what other Moves Bulbasaur could use....

Then I figured it out. "Bulbasaur! Use Sleep Powder!"

A fine blue dust came from the bulb on Bulbasaur's back, floating over to surround Charmader.

Charmander collapsed, eyes closed. 


I grinned triumphantly. "Now use Double Edge!"

Bulbasaur ran at Charmander, slamming into the sleeping orange Pokemon. A cloud of dust surrounded the two Pokemon, and Charmander came flying out. As it fell to the ground, I saw its eyes were swirly. 


I was stunned for a moment. I stood there for a second, and then...

"WE WON!!!" I grabbed Bulbasaur into my arms, hugging my Pokemon. Bulbasaur made a noise similar to a purr, eyes closed, content.

I turned to Blue, wanting to congratulate my friend on a good Battle. But he was staring at his Fainted Pokemon.

I touched his arm. "Blue... You alright?"

He gives a shaky sigh, not answering me, returning Charmander, then walks over to the Pokemon healing machine in the corner. He puts the Pokeball in it. The machine whirred, then dinged. Blue takes the Pokeball out and sends out his Charmander. The Charmander looked much better.

Blue sighed. "Leaf.... I'm going to Train Charmander, and become the best Trainer ever. I gotta go... Leaf, Gramps, smell ya later!"

He walks out the door, snapping his fingers at Charmander. The orange Pokemon follows along happily.

I turn to Professor Oak. "Um, where do i go next?"

Oak cleared his throat. "You need to head on to Viridian City. I'm assuming you can get there yourself?"

I nodded. "Yes, Sir." 

He nodded, then looked at Bulbasaur, who was standing by my side. 

"Oh," Oak said. "Almost forgot. Would you like to give a Nickname to Bulbasaur?"

My face became happier. I thought about it for a few minutes.

"Fushigidane is what I'm naming him," I said finally. "It's Bulbasaur's original Japanese name."

Oak nodded with approval. "That is a good name."

He then sighed and waved his hands. "Now, shoo. You can't stay in here. You have an Adventure awaiting you!" 

I smile and wave Bye, walking towards the door, Fushigidane scampering behind.

As I pushed open the door, I sighed and turned back to my house to say one final Good Bye to my Mother.

I walked into my house, going to the kitchen where Mom was sitting, drinking coffee and watching television.

She looked up as I approached, then smiled at the little Pokemon beside me. "Aw, Leaf! I love your little Pokemon!"

Fushigidane made the purr like noise again as Mom patted his head.

Shifting my bag on my shoulder, I clear my throat to get Mother's attention. 

She looks up. I sigh and throw my arms around her, wanting to cry. "Mom... I'll miss you..."

She smiled and patted my back, running her fingers through my hair. "Honey.... you'll be back."

I sniffed, nodding against her shoulder, and pulled away. I looked down at my Pokemon. 

"Fushigidane... you ready?" 

He looked up at me with big red eyes. "Saur~! Bulba~!"

I took it as a yes, and we left, me waving to Mom. 

"Bye, Mom! I'll be back some day!"

Little did I know, I would be back here sooner than I thought.

Fushigidane and I walked to Route 1.

We stepped into the grass and... the Journey began.




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