Two Ghosts

Samantha had one addiction. It wasn't the sort that left you needing rehab or reaching for a bottle of £9.99 vodka off the top shelf in the little corner shop that was always busy between the hours of three p.m and nine p.m. Her addiction was different. She was, in fact, a film addict!
Her life at times has been littered with sad moments that meant Sam could have gone one of two ways. But she wasn't a quitter so instead she filled her days with happy endings and credits rolling. Who doesn't liked to get lost in a good romantic comedy?
Richard, her gorgeous boyfriend with his Hollywood looks was her very own Hugh Grant but unbeknown to her, one musician was about to make her question who she wanted her leading man to be but most of all she started to question whether happy endings truly do exist

Copyright © 2016 by Ellie_xo
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the autho


6. 6

I wake up at around eight o'clock and check my phone. An email linked to my online banking shows me that, like clockwork every month, my Mom has deposited one thousand five hundred pounds into my bank. It's pocket change to her, it's insulting to me. We've argued about this time and time again. I don't need to be "kept" by anyone, but she doesn't listen. It makes her look good to her friends in the states that back at home she has a daughter she "keeps" and why does she do it? Because she can!

I get into the shower and let the water wash away how tense I am. Changing the water from hot to cold just to wake me up and shock me into facing a new day.

A new day where I get to see Harry. I ignore the fact that I suddenly seem happy, excited even, that I get to see him. And part of me hates myself because of it. I reason it's because I haven't had contact with anyone for the last few days and cabin fever has well and truly started to kick in. I like my own company, I really do, but after a short time you start to realise how sad that really is.

I blow dry my hair, and not knowing what we are doing today settle on wearing my flared jeans, red ballet pumps and a tight fitted white and navy striped jumper. I do the mundane routine of applying some make up and at nine thirty I'm ready to face the day.

I quickly eat a slice of toast and wash it down with coffee that is making my anxiety hit it's peak. Not knowing what I'm doing today has its pros and cons. On the one hand I like the spontaneity of it all, on the other hand, I'm not so sure how much I like surprises!

I don't have to wait long to see him, at nine fifty seven the door knocks 'good morning Miss prim'

I try to hide the smile on my face but my lips betray me 'Good morning, you look ... refreshed' refreshed? Handsome, good, ridiculously hot! But I went with refreshed. Brilliant! His smirk does something to the depths of my insides but I casually shrug it away by walking into the kitchen and leaving the door open for him to follow.

I sit on a stool at the breakfast bar and he sits down next to me

'You're looking refreshed too' he smiles 'Samantha'

I give a little bow and he laughs 'well that Harry is what happens when you have nothing to do but sleep'

'Ha! Sleep is for the weak! Speaking of sleeping' he picks up a coaster and his fingers idly turn it over in his hands 'your friend seems to be a new fixture in my house! What's up with that?'

I shrug and stand to heat up the coffee machine again 'You tell me? I haven't really heard off her' suddenly I feel really guilty about Bob. Sure he doesn't like me, and I'm not sure how much I particularly like him but thinking of anyone being cheated on just isn't right. But thats the problem with Jules, her need of pretty things keeps her with Bob but the need for excitement keeps her in other peoples beds.

'Do you agree with what she's doing?' His question pulls me out of my moral thinking and I lean on the work top counter as I look at him

'I'm not sure? I'm not in her position to judge I suppose? Before she met her husband she had been through some stuff. And then when he came along he was like this knight in shining armour with a credit card and a salary that impresses even the most wealthiest of people. But to do what she's doing, it's just ... wrong'

He holds his bottom lip between his two fingers deep in thought then releases it as he stands up. He moves towards me effortlessly and I can't help but look at how his white T shirt moves over his tattooed arms. He leans down next to me, mimicking the way I'm standing and puts a cream embossed envelope in front of me. He gestures for me to have a look at the already opened item and I oblige. Speaking out loud as I go over each word that are written on the card inside

'Margaret Styles and Stephan Almont invite you, Harry' I nudge his arm 'plus guest, to their wedding on Friday October the ninth. The wedding will take place within the grounds of the Styles estate commencing at three p.m, with dinner and dancing to follow. Please RSVP before the fifteenth of september' the card is decorated with gold leaves and it's pretty fancy 'Am I meant to know what this means?' I raise my eyebrows and he sighs as he stands up straight.

'My mom is getting married Friday to my mother Fucker of a stepdad and I said I would go' I push my bottom lip out and nod slowly, trying to put on an expression which means somehow this makes sense to me when quite frankly it does not 'Oh, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. Weddings are great. Look at it this way, free food and drink! That's always a bonus' I grin to try and lighten the mood but instead he just sighs even heavier

'Prim, do you want to come? With me?' I look at the invite, look at him, back at the invite and now I am totally confused

'What? Me? Why would you want to take me?'

'We are friends aren't we!' It wasn't a question it was a statement and suddenly I'm taken aback that he's saying we are friends. I mean sure, we hang out but I wasn't sure he looked at me as a friend. I don't know why this makes me happy and sad at the same time 'plus you will be doing me a huge favour'

I stand up and shake my head, then nod, then shake it again confused 'Harry, I'm, honoured' I can't even find the words 'but don't you want to take an actual date? like the girl that was on your front doorstep a few nights ago'

He laughs and pours himself a coffee 'Sam you don't know what my mom and that idiot are like. That's what they presume I will do! Rock up with whoever, some chick that I guess is like me. Tattoos and piercings. And there's nothing wrong with that, I mean that is my type' ouch. I don't know why but I suddenly feel a twist of jealousy in the pit of my stomach. Of course I knew he had a type, but I'm so far removed from what he clearly finds attractive that somehow that makes me despondent 'But if I could just turn up and show them that I have my shit together, that I'm not who they think I am, maybe that will piss them off. But if you don't want to, I'm sure I could find, what was it you said? Oh yeah, a girl in fishnets with cut off shorts and a crop top' a grin spreads over his face and I look down at the invite again

'Richards back Monday -'

'We'll be back on Saturday. I have a gig anyway' his tone suddenly changes and deep down I feel oddly victorious that the thought of Richard somehow pisses him off

'Should I tell him?' It was a thought I was keeping to myself but the words leave my mouth before I could stop them

'Depends what moral high ground you're taking prim?' There was something in his voice, a darkness somehow. I looked into his eyes for all of twenty seconds before my morals left me 'I'm coming'



The depths of soho absolutely suited Chaz and Giuseppe. Surrounded by vintage records stores and quirky men's retailers is exactly where their store, guys and dolls should be. I stood outside the window for a moment and admired the dark purple framing of the windows and door. Long frames of glass decorated with displays of night gowns, humongous sparkly dress rings and men's cravats had been styled effortlessly over perfectly placed top hats. I knew I had to up the ante with a dress for this wedding and taking up Chaz's offer of trying on some dresses, I knew this was the place to find THE dress.

Harry had to leave mine this morning, There was a problem with one of the songs they had recorded the night before. He felt guilty that we couldn't do whatever he had panned for us today but it also meant I could come shopping. I knew nothing in my wardrobe would do for a fancy wedding!

I finally found the courage to open the door and I'm welcomed with Madonna playing over the speakers and Chaz's smile

'Hey sam! What are you doing here?' She gives me a brief tight hug and I notice she had dyed her hair from pink to dark blue

'Loving the colour' I admire honestly and then look around the shop 'I need a dress, but not any dress. I need something that is elegant, suitable for a daytime wedding into nighttime dancing, and I also don't want to look like me. You know, the usual Sam' I look down at my clothes and give out a small embarrassed laugh

'Hey, you are awesome! But if you want a killer dress that is going to show off that ass, then you my dear, are at the right place!'


Chaz tells me it's been a slow afternoon so she shuts the shop and pulls out a bottle of champagne from under the counter 'I usually open this when the rich girls come in with daddy's credit card. One glass of champagne and they think they have had a high end shopping experience! I think we deserve a glass or two'

She pours our drinks into flutes that are held by skeleton hands at the stem and then pulls a rack of dresses towards us 'shall we?'

And with a massive nod of enthusiasm I feel like I'm having a movie moment 'let's do it'

I've tried on about nine dresses when I'm about to call it quits and go home. Every dress is beautiful but the problem is they don't look beautiful on me! On some, the silk puckers up at my thighs making me look as though I've squeezed into them. Others are just too small in length and I look as though I'm going clubbing. Chaz doesn't like the colour of some dresses on me and I'm losing the will to keep standing here and feeling ... ugly. I peel off the one I'm wearing in defeat and stare at myself in the mirror. I'm not fat, sure I could be toned, but I have a shapely bum and hips. I start to scrutinise every single bit of myself but then hear Chaz outside the changing room

'If this isn't the one, I will eat my fucking hat'

Five minutes later I step outside and in excitement Chaz stands on her chair and starts clapping 'I told you! Didn't I tell you! I TOLD you! You look hot! Seriously, if I wasn't already gay I would be now' I throw a pillow at her whilst laughing through her compliment and the champagne and make my way to the freestanding mirror at the other end of the shop

'Wow. Is this me?' Chaz stands at my side and nods enthusiastically 'Hell yes Sam, this is you!'


I leave the store Thirty minutes later, my dress boxed up in a thick card bag and my debit card is seven hundred pounds down. I would never ever spend that amount of money on clothes, in fact, part of me feels guilty about it! But then again I've never seen a dress like this and quite frankly, I know my mother would have palpitations if she knew what I had spent her money on.

My phones rings and I pull it out of my pocket, Jules's name flashes up on the screen

'Hello?' A woman walks past, takes a look at my bag and nods in appreciation. She looks the type who would shop at guys and dolls, an air of money about her but her clothes were quirky in the most fashionable way

'Hey hey girlfriend' I pull the phone away from my ear and check the screen. I'm not drunk and it is definitely Jules but I've never heard her say "girlfriend" Maybe she's having an early life crisis 'what you up to?'

I tell a lie that I've been grocery shopping, somehow not wanting to tell her yet about the wedding 'Cool! So, get your best going out clothes out as tonight we have plans!'

'And what exactly are these plans?' I'm distracted by a vendor selling melted wax melts and I select a few before placing the money in his hand and smiling as I walk away

'The band have a gig tonight and I have tickets! Austin gave them me, he said he wants to see me in the crowd. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever! Anyway, hope you don't mind but I've invited Corrine -'

'Ugh, why would you invite her?!' The words leave my mouth and I put my hand over my lips to stop me from laughing. Maybe the champagne has gotten to me more than I thought

'Now don't be like that, naughty! She's lovely!' No, no she's not. Corrine is wealthy in her own right. A YouTuber that comes across as sickly sweet. She has a massive following of teens that buy her books on style tips and "life coaching" but beneath the butter wouldn't melt facade she's a total coke snorting Bitch! 'Plus I thought she would be a good hook up for Harry. She's cute and a little wild' I stop in my tracks and nearly drop the phone

'Why would you want to set him up with her? He hardly seems like the type who needs setting up anyway?' My voice is rushed and also a little erratic. This is why you shouldn't drink on an afternoon

'Oh it's just a little bit of fun! What's the problem Sam?'

'Nothing, absolutely nothing. Sorry Jules, you know grocery shopping makes me moody! It's boring'

Her laugh tinkles down the phone and I can imagine her flicking her perfect hair 'Sweetie, you need a maid! Seriously, you're the only person I know that goes out to those hideous supermarket things and willingly shops. You need to find organic vendors. It's the way forward! Anyway, Bob is at a health retreat. Poor love hurt his back and needs some of that tension massaging away. Get to mine as soon as you can and we'll get ready together! So exciting! Bye for now' she hangs up the phone and I find myself being drawn to a shop just on the edge of soho. The mannequin in the window is wearing fish net tights, and a pair of cropped cut offs.

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