Tracy hangs out with the "weird" kids and her new boyfriend from camp. Quinn hangs out with the "fangirls", who are obsessed with tumblr. Taylor hangs out with the popular cheerleaders, and her new boyfriend.

Will the trio be able to keep their summer friendships in tact when the new year comes, or will their differences get the best of them.


2. Chapter 2: Quinn

      I go to lunch, holding my tray, side by side with Tracy and Taylor.  Taylor goes to sit with Britney and apologizes to us.  "We understand." I say to Taylor.  "Good!" She exclaimed, when she went to go with Britney.  "I'm going to hang out with the emo chicks." I say.  "Weirdo kids for me!" Tracy said to me.  "Sorry." "It's fine, bye." She waves to me laughing.  Tracy rolls to go with Alex.  They start making out, gross. 

        "Liza, did you see this meme?" I show Liza the features on iFunny.  "No, my mom caught me watching stuff."  "You have to be more careful."  Liza is a lesbian and proud.  I laugh.  "Guys did you know Trump is getting rid of Tumblr?!" Kurt says, panicked.  "NO!" I scream.  "YES!" He screams back.  We burst into laughter.  "But in all seriousness..." I start.  He nods.  "Oh my god." "Yes." Kurt's gay by the way. 

       "It's Britney b*tch." Britney says, flipping her hair.  "Oh, uhm that's nice." Mrs. Perkins said, panicked.  Britney shoos everyone off the stage.  "This assembly sucks."  I whisper to Taylor.  "True."  We turn over to see Tracy waving to us from the side of the auditorium.  She's at the bottom and the right side of the auditorium.  "I feel bad for her." I start.  "Don't tell me you actually like her? I thought we were using her for pity points."  Taylor said.  "Wha-" "I'm kidding! I have an idea." She smirked.  "Huh?" 

      Me and Taylor are rolling in wheelchairs we borrowed from a friend's grandma.  "What're you doing?" Tracy asked when she saw us.  "We're being in wheelchairs for you." Taylor said, smiling.  "I don't want your pity!" She screamed.  "What?" I ask.  "This just makes me feel more weird!!" Tracy said, rolling away crying.

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